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Facility Communication Solutions

Navigo® provides scalable solutions that improve the visitor experience. Streamline visitor management, display immersive visual communications on custom display systems and provide on-demand access to information from Navigo®Cloud™-- all in real-time!

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Navigo® Visitor Management System That's Scalable in Real-time.
Navigo's Visitor Check-in System Handles Registration, ID Validation, Self Check-in, Badging and Host Notification.

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Navigo® Wayfinding
Interactive Floorplans and Directions for Building and Campus Navigation.

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Transportation Options at Your Fingertips
Get access to local transit schedules, shared-mobility options, drive times and live traffic.

Always Be There for Visitors on Site and on the Go with Navigo®
When Every Second Counts, Navigo® Helps Your Visitors Find Their Way Around Complex Buildings and Facilities

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Optimize the Visitor Experience with Navigo®

Navigo® Solutions Improve the Visitor Experience by Streamlining Visual Communications and Self-Help Access for Real-Time Mass Messaging.

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The Navigo® Suite of Products Includes:

Navigo® Building Directory and Touch Screen Digital Signage Systems are the cost-effective solutions that maximize your properties appeal, enhances your facility resources and brings your space to life.

With Navigo®, you can:

  • Save time and money with immediate updates from any web enabled device
  • Highlight anchor tenants
  • Provide interactive floor, campus and area maps
  • Generate revenue for displaying building and local amenities & conveniences
  • Show real-time shared-mobility options, transportation schedules & traffic conditions with TransitAccess™

Upgrade your building directory when you go digital. A digital directory is easily updated remotely via the internet ensuring the most current tenant information can be displayed in real-time. With Navigo, you can update your building directory, right from your computer, phone or tablet.

With a digital touch screen or active signage directory you now have the power to customize your graphic design that represents your organization and brand. There are over 100 ways you can customize your visual communications for your building directory or digital signage system.

Navigo Wayfinding

Navigo® delivers custom premier wayfinding solutions for complex facilities, multi-building campuses, and office plazas and centers such as governmental buildings or medical centers.

With Navigo®, our solutions benefit your tenants, visitors and staff by:

  • Providing helpful customer service and building information with self-service touchscreen kiosks, volunteer software applications and Internet/Intranet wayfinding systems
  • Provide a “destination-specific” guide for each visitor including a wide range of information relating to the specific purpose of their visit. Maps, text directions, and other information can all be printed-out or downloaded instantly
  • Highlight events, donors and news about your facility
  • Actively promote the full scope of your facility’s services and activities

Navigo Digital Signage

Navigo®'s building directory and digital signage messaging solution captures your audience with limitless possibilities for effective communication.

Navigo® interactive building directory and active signage systems break the boundaries of traditional, static communications and provides:

  • Customized multimedia messaging to display important information regarding the facility, services, employees, general information, donors, etc.
  • Real estate for digital signage apps and tickers that provide news and information in real-time
  • Multi-language translation and display capabilities
  • Instant access to update your system on demand to provide reliably up-to-date information

Navigo Check-in Systems

Register visitors and authorize access to your facility for improved tracking, safety and security of your property.

Know who is in your building with Navigo®'s advanced visitor logging, tracking, badging and access authorization.

  • Pre-registered visitors can check-in more quickly and get their badges from security or from Navigo® self-service touchscreen kiosks
  • Set up host notification for instant updates of visitor's activities on site
  • Navigo®'s own web-based pre-registration software includes an unlimited world-wide user license
  • Navigo® visitor management systems (Navigo® VMS) are delivered 100% turn-key and are custom-configured to your specific controls for processing visitors
  • Touch-screen displays are an available option for your VMS signage or kiosks

Navigo Room Booking Systems

Further enhance the appeal of your facility with the Navigo® Meeting Room Scheduling App and Office Hoteling Solutions

Make conference room scheduling and resource-sharing in your facility simple and efficient with touch screen schedules and digital scheduling displays on site.

  • Tenants and staff can quickly view which rooms are available when needed and make a reservation from their desk
  • Selection of rooms available and searchable by date, room needs, room size etc.
  • Property managers can ensure no double-booking of rooms occur on meeting dates
  • Reports sent to property managers on room use, attributes needed/used etc.
  • Calendars clearly show block-out times, dates and available times and dates

Building Floorplans, Campus Maps Wayfinding

Access to your Navigo® Wayfinding data, directions & maps from any device for wayfinding on the go.

Your visitors are able to simply access directions and floor plans on your website to instantly display your custom Navigo® Internet Wayfinding System.

  • Provide driving directions to and around the campus
  • Suggest parking areas and best building entrances for them to use
  • Include interactive floor plan maps
  • Provide step-by-step printable or downloadable directions to their final destinations