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Touchless Security Screening

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Add an extra layer of security with touchless screening for guests

ITS provides touchless visitor screening modules and visitor check-in solutions to manage, track and secure access to buildings. Navigo® provides pre-screening survey systems that can scale to manage high volume employee and visitor traffic as well as multi-tenant properties with variances in visitor types and credentialing needs. We design the visitor experience that aligns with your security and workplace compliance standards to record screening modules (surveys, questionnaires, and applications) and capture signatures, provide guest arrival notification to visitor host, and collect contact tracing date for reporting. Want to better protect your organization and employees? Explore the features of a screening system and how guest screening offers additional security.

Touchless Screening System Features:

Cloud-based System Administration

Real-time Screening and Reporting

Touchless Pre-screening for Wellness, Credentialing and Access

Capture Signatures for Disclosures and Acknowledgment

Benefits of a Touchless Guess Screening System

A touchless guest screening system can provide numerous benefits to an organization, especially in the context of health and safety considerations, customer experience enhancement, and operational efficiency. Here's how such a system can help an organization:

Health and Safety Compliance: In a post-pandemic world, organizations need to prioritize health and safety for both guests and staff. A touchless guest screening system can help by conducting health checks, temperature screenings, and symptom assessments without physical contact. This reduces the risk of disease transmission and helps the organization comply with health regulations.

Efficient Guest Flow: Touchless screening systems can streamline the guest entry process. Guests can go through screenings quickly, minimizing congestion and waiting times. This is especially important for places with high foot traffic like airports, hotels, and event venues.

Enhanced Guest Experience: By offering a seamless and hassle-free entry process, organizations can improve the overall guest experience. Visitors feel valued when their time is respected and their health and safety are prioritized.

Data Collection and Analytics: Touchless screening systems can collect valuable data related to guest flows, health metrics, and trends. This data can be used for informed decision-making, optimizing operations, and planning for future events.

Reduced Staff Workload: Automated screening reduces the burden on staff who would otherwise need to manually conduct screenings. This allows employees to focus on more value-added tasks and improves their job satisfaction.

Real-time Monitoring: Some touchless screening systems offer real-time monitoring and alerts. If a guest exhibits abnormal health conditions, relevant personnel can be notified immediately, enabling swift intervention.

Customization and Integration: These systems can often be customized to fit the specific needs of an organization. They can also be integrated with other systems such as access control, visitor management, and CRM systems for a more cohesive and efficient operation.

Risk Mitigation: By identifying potential health risks early on, organizations can minimize the likelihood of outbreaks or spreading of illnesses among guests and staff, reducing legal and reputational risks.

Public Perception and Reputation: Organizations that prioritize health and safety through advanced technologies like touchless screening systems can enhance their public image and reputation. Customers, partners, and stakeholders are likely to view the organization more favorably.

Adaptability to Future Challenges: While touchless screening systems are currently relevant due to health concerns, they can also be adapted for other uses in the future. This makes them a versatile investment that can address a variety of challenges beyond just health screenings.

Touchless guest screening systems can help organizations by providing a safer and more efficient entry process, enhancing the guest experience, facilitating data-driven decision-making, reducing staff workload, and contributing to the overall well-being of the organization and its stakeholders.


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