Navigo® Powers Electronic Directories, Digital Signage and Visitor Management Systems

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Learn About Navigo®

Navigo® is a cloud-based software solution for digital display systems and signage (touchscreen and non-touchscreen) that offers a wide variety of capabilities. This is the technology that allows our digital signage and communication solutions at ITS standout above the rest. 

With Navigo®, organizations are able to manage the content of their digital displays in real-time.

Do you want to offer interactive navigation for your building’s visitors?  

Need to digitally present a daily schedule?

With Navigo®, you can turn any screen into your own custom digital display solution.


Navigo® is more than signage.

Navigo® is more than a stagnant digital signage software. It is a game changer for buildings and the people they serve. With Navigo® you can add videos, slide shows, 360° tours, interactive floorplans, leasing information, and a host of services with scan-to-mobile access to your Navigo® content.


navigo digital solutions scan to mobile wayfinding


You gain remote control access to display timely communications, information, building and tenant directories, and engaging content from anywhere in real time!

Whether you are the building manager of an office complex looking to provide wayfinding assistance for visitors, or a small business owner looking to update their visitor management system, Navigo® can provide the technological content support for your digital displays.


Navigo digital sign solutions


Navigo® solutions for any workspace.

Whether looking to upgrade your interactive digital display system or install a brand new one, Navigo® allows you to customize the content in real-time with ease. It can be used to power the content of your interactive digital displays no matter what solutions you need.


  • Digital Signage

  • Digital Building Directory Solutions

  • Wayfinding

  • TransitAccess®

  • Visitor Management

  • Pre-screening

  • Resource Scheduler

  • Kiosk and Screen Enclosures

  • Custom Solutions




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Navigo® features are customized for your needs.

Step-by-step wayfinding (digital signage or mobile), video walls, transit screens, energy consumption reporting, visitor management, and resource scheduling are just a few ways we have used Navigo® to support our clients’ digital display needs.


Navigo Wayfinding from ITS, Inc.


Navigo’s® out-of-the-box features provide organizations with the power to create engaging content for real-time communication. And our custom development and third-party API integration allow us to create a unique experience tailored to your specific needs.


Navigo software API


Best of all, our clients get to decide who manages the content on their digital displays. With a Navigo® cloud subscription, organizations can update the content on their screens in real-time, anytime.


Navigo Cloud Access



Learn more about enhancing your space with Navigo® interactive digital signage and directory systems at

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To discuss how Navigo® may be configured for your environment, to schedule a demo or request more information, contact us today.


Can custom solutions be designed with Navigo®?
Yes. Navigo® can be customized to provide whatever content you need to be displayed and it can be integrated with your existing technology.


Is content support available?
Yes. With Navigo®, you can choose to create your own content or have one of our experts create the maps or other content for you.


Can my company utilize Navigo® software with our current digital displays?
Yes. Navigo® is the technology that powers digital displays, and not the screen itself. However, our team may recommend installing new screens or technology if they feel it would provide a more adequate solution for your needs.


Have Additional Questions? 
Give us a call and one of our experts will be able to answer all your questions. We also offer additional frequently asked questions for specific Navigo® solutions. 

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