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Navigo® Digital Signage for Residential Communities

Digital signage is Improve communications with residents, make the property more attractive to potential residents, post announcements, show available units, help new tenants navigate to areas of the property and more. Let Navigo® be your interactive marketing tool and digital concierge for residents and guests. With our Navigo® system, property managers can easily manage, control and update all the information displayed on their digital signage systems. From digital visitor management systems to wayfinding and information boards, our capabilities can help enhance your property's overall appeal and communications. Contact us for the next steps or explore some of our solutions and real-life examples below.

The multifamily digital signage and wayfinding solutions offered by ITS


Digital Signage

Navigo® helps you streamline communications to your residents, guests, and others via digital display centers. We can design the signage, content, and enclosures for your signage system making installation easy. Navigo® enables you to update and deliver information to your screens in real-time when you need to. Here are a couple of ways digital signage can enhance your multi-family community.

For Residents:

  • Update residents in real-time

  • Promote community and events

  • Enhance resident services

  • Show transit schedules and status

  • Automate operations & streamline processes 


For Prospects:

  • Engage future residents

  • Advertise listings with real-time availability

  • Collect data to generate leads

  • Offer virtual tours as prospects wait

  • Showcase innovative technology available at your property

newly installed digital directory in a multifamily residential space


Engage Visitors and Tenants with Navigo® Touchscreen Displays

Navigo® enables you to engage and communicate with your prospects and tenants in real-time via interactive or slideshow-style presentations. Place Navigo® screens in the Leasing Office, mailroom, lobby entrances, elevator lobbies and other common areas for the most effective communication.

We offer interactive touchsreen and touchless displays for whatever use cases you might have. Change content daily for new daily schedules, update with weekly announcements or change content whenever you want with our easy to use digital signage software. 

use cases for digital signage for communities


For Residents:

  • Integrate with package management systems and display status to residents 

  • Schedule messages to appear and expire to remind residents of important meetings, events, and other deadlines

  • Post community room, fitness center and other shared amenity availability


For Prospects:

  • Display floor plans with virtual space planning

  • Provide real-time availability and rates

  • Set up call-to-actions to appropriately engage and collect contact information so your staff can personalize their follow up


examples of using digital signage to communicate to residents


Let Navigo® Be Your Digital Concierge

Navigo® integrates with existing data sources to ensure you're displaying the most up to date information about your community.  Navigo® puts you in control, giving your staff the ability to import, create and schedule a variety of messages and announcements. Whether you want to enhance the sign in process with visitor management systems, or add an interactive digital directory for information purposes, digital signage can help display the necessary information to your community members and their guests. 

You may also want to consider TransitAccess® resources to digital signage to maximize your on-site services and enhance the mobility experience for your current and future residents. You can provide schedules, transit routes, weather forecasts and other information your resident may need to know before traveling.


transit screen digital display for local community members


Navigo® for Access Control

Out with the old and in with the new — switch out that dated dial pad with a state-of-the-art touchscreen interface.

In secured entryways, a Navigo® touchscreen directory connects visitors with residents to announce their arrival.

Navigo’s door control interface integrates with your existing system that allows residents to “buzz in” their visitors.



Navigo® Systems are customized for your community's needs.

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