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Digital Directories Create a Unique Experience for Your Property

Digital building directory systems are a cost-effective technology that enhances your property’s appeal. Touchless and touchscreen digital building directory systems are available in a variety of sizes. Your digital directory is built to suit the image and information you want to present in your office building lobby so you can provide a unique and engaging experience. Nearly every industry can benefit by upgrading to digital signage. From office buildings, retail locations and business complexes to government buildings, healthcare facilities, multifamily units and other commercial properties. Digital signage and directories will greatly improve the user experience. And with Navigo, our digital directory software, property managers can more easily take control of their directories, while customizing for the perfect user experience. Are you ready to upgrade your static directories with an interactive digital directory? Then reach out to an expert at ITS. We can help answer your questions, provide you with a demo, and offer the best digital directory solutions in the US and Canada.

Digital Directory Features Include:

Interactive Touchscreen and Touchless Displays

Centralized Communications for Real-time Information

Engaging Content, Features and Apps

Self-service Access to Virtual Services

Sponsored Content and Advertising

TransitAccess® Transit Screen Commuter Resources

Custom Enclosures and Installation

Enhances and Modernizes Interior Design

Digital directory signage helps modernize your space to attract and retain tenants.

Navigo® digital building directory systems instantly modernize any space and enhance your property's appeal. Switch out your static directory and go digital. 

Elevate your property's appeal and create a lasting impression with Navigo® Electronic Building Directory Systems. Our cost-effective solution combines cutting-edge cloud-based technology with sleek design to transform the way visitors navigate and experience your property.

Gone are the days of outdated and confusing static building directories. Navigo® takes your property to new heights by offering dynamic, interactive displays that captivate and engage visitors from the moment they step foot on your premises.

recently installed modern directories


Save time and money on your digital directory with Navigo

Make instant updates from anywhere!  Navigo’s web-based content management portal allows you to log on from any device with an internet connection.  New tenant? Building announcement? Inclement weather announcement? Working from home? No problem.

Our cloud-based technology ensures real-time updates and seamless management of directory information. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly add or modify listings, showcase promotions, and highlight key amenities. Say goodbye to manual updates and hello to streamlined efficiency.

But it's not just about functionality. Navigo® Digital Building Directory Systems are designed with aesthetics in mind. Our sleek and modern displays harmonize with any environment, enhancing the overall appeal of your property while providing a user-friendly interface that visitors will love.

Navigo’s web-based content management portal for digital directories


Create a lasting first impression with a customizable digital directory

With Navigo® you can customize your directory signage to add to the appeal of your tenant listings with interactive feeds showing local news, stocks, weather, anchor tenant information, transportation schedules and much more on the display.  

With Navigo® by your side, you can create a memorable and professional first impression. Whether it's an office building, shopping center, or multi-tenant facility, our systems offer the flexibility to adapt to your unique needs and branding requirements. Make a statement and stand out from the competition.

Investing in Navigo® is an investment in the future of your property. By enhancing navigation and showcasing your property's offerings in a visually stunning manner, you not only attract more visitors but also increase tenant satisfaction and retention. It's a win-win situation.


examples of customized building directory screens


Directory integrations help to reduce redundancies

Navigo® integrates with existing data sources.  So, if you’re managing your tenant/employee directory in another data source, such as your access control system, Navigo® can integrate. Some of our built-in integrations include Kastle Systems, DataWatch, Building Engines and Azure AD. 


data integrations


ITS works with each client to meet their needs.

We offer scalable packages based on your needs.  If you have existing hardware, then you only need to subscribe to Navigo® to start creating and scheduling content for your digital sign.

Our turn-key packages include all hardware, software, customized graphic design, enclosures (standard and custom design/build) and professional services for on-site installation and maintenance.


turnkey digital directory building directory built in



Your property deserves the best. Choose Navigo® for your digital directory system to Elevate, Engage and Impress.

Join the ranks of satisfied property owners who have already transformed their spaces with Navigo® Electronic Building Directory Systems. Discover the power of cloud-based technology and take control of your property's appeal.

Let us help you unlock the full potential of your property and create an unforgettable experience for your visitors.


Check out some FAQs for Navigo® digital building directory systems:

Navigo® digital signage can be used as a building directory and is easily configured to also display building amenities, local area amenities with live maps, news tickers, weather, floor plans of available space, live TV, energy consumption dashboards and so much more!  Any live or scheduled content can be set to be displayed on your Navigo® digital signage system and branded to your organization/building.


Yes. And it also depends on what you mean by interactive.  Navigo® building directory systems can be used on a touchscreen LED or non-touchscreen LED.  A touchscreen building directory offers information that users can search and view on-demand – users interact with the screen to find information.  A Navigo® non-touchscreen building directory allows you to display a variety of content, with varying display times, transitions and schedules – making the experience truly “interactive”. 


As a standard, we offer a turnkey solution that includes on-site installation with every Navigo® building directory that we propose.  For organizations that have the desire and ability to conduct installation themselves, we offer a self-install package for a reduced price.  If you can hang a TV on a wall and follow our step by step install directions, you should have no problem.


2-4 weeks software only and in-stock equipment.  Custom API integration, custom workflows and/or custom enclosure design/build requested may increase lead time to 8-10 weeks.


Just a standard 110V duplex (non-dedicated) and internet connection (hardwired or wireless) is needed!


Screens sizes are available from 12” up to 75” and multi-screen video wall setup is available for even larger coverage.  To ensure you are using the most up to date specifications, please contact us.


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