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Navigo® Digital Signage Systems for Retail and Mixed-Use Properties

Engage, inform, and entertain your on-site community with touchless and touchscreen digital signage. Our Navigo® solution for mixed-use and retail properties provides a unique and immersive experience for patrons. Whether you operate a mall, are a property manager, or own a retail establishment and want to improve the visitor experience, you can benefit from digital signage. Contact us to discuss solutions and pricing or explore the capabilities of digital signage below.


Digital Signage and Video Walls

Navigo® digital signage solutions are designed to make the retail experience at mixed-use, retail space shopping centers, malls, or individual stores very rewarding and resourceful for the on-site community.  Navigo® built-in features & capabilities allow management to:

  • Display promotions, videos, live broadcasts, RSS feeds and concepts.

  • Develop and manage multiple presentations for target audiences based on location and time of year.

  • Show 2D and 3D maps to promote available amenities.

  • Show TransitAccess® with local transit schedules and statuses.

  • Randomly display coupons to patrons while using Navigo®.

  • Collect mobile #s or emails of patrons to build a marketing list.

  • Communicate in multiple languages.


mall digital wayfinding kiosks



Digital Touchscreen Kiosks

Navigo® systems work indoors and outdoors for shopping malls, strip centers and individual store environments delivering convenience and flexibility for a more pleasant on-site and shopping experience.

As the manager or owner, you will appreciate having a comprehensive wayfinding system that is easily and instantly updated as amenities change. Build, manage, and schedule any number of advertisements, announcements, and presentations using enhanced images and videos that promote tenants, events, and other amenities.  Your digital signage system is completely customizable. 


touchscreen wayfinding in a mall



Digital Wayfinding Maps & Directions

Digital wayfinding improves the visitor experience of your guests giving them a positive shopping experience. With our digital signage solutions, your establishment can show 2D or 3D maps with landmarks and other markers that clearly show patrons the most current layout of shops, restaurants, and services.

Additionally, you benefit from the ability to further promote retailers by displaying logos for easier recognition, rotate coupon codes, list today and upcoming events, and so much more!


mall digital wayfinding map


Create a Lasting First Impression For Your Retail Space

Every shopping center, mall and strip center has its own unique footprint within the community. The team at ITS can customize your digital signage system to fit the needs of every specific shopping environment. All our systems come with a dedicated project team to establish your center’s specific requirements and deliver the perfectly fitted system for the local shopping community.

Navigo® Systems are customized for each site.

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