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Manage shared resources and spaces on-line. Never double book again.

Reserve rooms, spaces, equipment, and other shared resources, on your property, with the Navigo® Resource Scheduler App. Use with Navigo® digital signage to display today’s schedule.

Built-In Features Include:

Manage Multiple Resources by Type

Assign Attributes for Each Resource

View & Search Availability in Real-time

Specify Check In/Out Rules for Display on Navigo® Screens

What are the shared resources on your property?

Meeting spaces, hoteling offices, fitness equipment, etc. Grant tenants and employees specialized access to Navigo® Resource Scheduler, to view and search the resources available to them.  Whether it’s one conference room or 100+ vehicles, hot desks, loading bays, etc. – an online resource scheduler ensures you never double book again.

online management of shared resources

Assign various settings and attributes to any resource type.

Meeting space type – specify capacity, layouts, technology, dial-in # for remote attendees and more.

Vehicle type – specify minimum/maximum reservation length, style, capacity, equipment available (i.e. GPS, USB charger, luggage rack).

Office space type – specify open vs private office, capacity, equipment, nearby amenities (i.e. breakroom, restroom).

Wellness room type – specify min/max reservation length, furniture, appliances, power outlets available, lockable door, etc.

reserve shared resources online

Control and manage settings based on assigned user role.

Customize the variety of automated email templates that Navigo® sends when a reservation is confirmed or rejected, reservation reminder, support staff notification.

Add internal and external attendees to receive notification email(s) with calendar entry.

Add custom fields to display and collect info specific to your organization’s shared resources.

Add Navigo® Digital Signage to each meeting space.

  • Touchscreen or touchless screens

  • Display the current reservation schedule

  • Allow hosts to check-in for their reserved meeting

  • Show status of meeting space (RED for in-use, GREEN for available, etc.)

  • Access Resource App to view availability and/or make reservation for respective or other meeting space resources

  • Create, manage, and schedule custom messages to display for patrons utilizing resource

meeting room screens

Check out some FAQs for Navigo® resource scheduler. 

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