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There are more than 100 ways you can bring your space to life with Navigo® digital signage solutions.  

Are you looking for digital signage apps, language translation services, data feeds or other widgets available to enhance your  digital signage and displays?  You’ve come to the right place!  Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. presents Navigo® digital product suite.  Navigo® is a facilitating and enhancing technology for displaying information and capturing data on digital signage and touch screens.

Get excited!  We’ve prepared several different categories of information that Navigo® can curate to turn your display into an interactive discovery channel that people not only will see but get to personally experience.

Navigo® Digital Signage 101 presents 101+ content ideas you can implement in your digital display communications and marketing strategy at scale.


Business (Internal Communications)

Streamline and standardize your corporate communications strategy with these 19 content ideas to keep teams connected, focused and informed:

  1. Display business analytics dashboard as rich visualizations from your CRM, website, blog, email, social media and more
  2. Display key business metrics and KPI’s with your team to keep teams focused on productivity
  3. Display any spreadsheet, presentation or report on-demand or on active display
  4. Staff calendars and work schedules
  5. Company announcements (milestones, birthdays, anniversaries)
  6. Competitions
  7. Celebrations, accomplishments and contributions
  8. Stats and facts about your organization
  9. Historical data on the company
  10. Mission / Values
  11. Company News
  12. Company Goals and Targets
  13. Customer reviews
  14. Team Profiles
  15. Competition profiles and stats
  16. Company policies
  17. Solutions to common challenges
  18. Delivery notifications
  19. Marketing calendar


Make company compliance more cohesive and accessible with these content suggestions:

  1. Safety Messages
  2. HR postings
  3. Changes to industry regulations
  4. Procedural steps
  5. Multilingual Translations

Resources (Shared)

Streamline communications and improve time management by displaying these types of information for facilities and resources that are available by reservation.

  1. Office hoteling for shared office space
  2. Meeting room scheduling
  3. Equipment scheduling
  4. Facility policies and procedures
  5. Shared folders
  6. Project updates
  7. Team chats
  8. Class schedules (for gyms, training facilities)
  9. Time management and lifestyle tips
  10. Exercise demonstrations (for gyms, training facilities)
  11. How to use facility equipment
  12. Internet connectivity information



Dedicate real estate on your digital display to promotional content to increase brand presence, increase interactivity and visibility for your activities.

  1. Display your logo
  2. Showcase customer feedback
  3. Fundraising activity
  4. Contests and drawings
  5. Present your branding


Changeability is one of the biggest perks about digital signage.  Provide frequent, fresh and up-to-date information across all communication channels with visitors and tenants with these content topics here:

  1. Interactive building directory listings
  2. Special visitor/guests welcome messages
  3. Visitor assistance information
  4. Maps, floorplans and wayfinding directions
  5. Wifi connectivity
  6. Logging visits and visitor profile data
  7. Safety and emergency precautions
  8. Property information
  9. Awards and recognition received by building / tenants
  10. Notable affiliations of the property / tenants
  11. Embed websites
  12. Tenant spotlights
  13. Capabilities statements
  14. Industry expert interviews
  15. FAQs
  16. Safety messages
  17. Stream live news and events
  18. Job postings
  19. In case you missed it – weekly summary
  20. Customized calendar
  21. Customer profiles
  22. Product demos
  23. Slideshows
  24. Infographics
  25. Events
  26. Email capture for subscriptions
  27. Mobile number capture for subscriptions
  28. Important deadlines
  29. Guestbooks
  30. Corporate resources reminders
  31. Holiday calendars and hours of operation
  32. Connect your calendar for an overview of daily meeting activities
  33. Company-wide recognition, rewards, praises
  34. Deli/restaurant menus with food photos
  35. Community board


Provide real-time, by-the-minute information on the economy and markets that impact your greatest assets – your human capital and most-valued customers.

  1. Stocks
  2. Currency
  3. Investing News
  4. Finance tips



The best place to be is “in the know” with these selections for news right at your fingertips.

  1. Weather
  2. World News
  3. Local News
  4. Sports Live Scores
  5. Local Sports Teams News
  6. Live News Broadcast
  7. Health News
  8. Google Alerts & Trends
  9. Time Zones
  10. World Clock


Visitors and tenants that commute and need to plan for safe and timely departures from your property will benefit from having real-time access to transit schedules and conditions, on-site, TransitAccessTM which enables you to display:

  1. Accessible travel options (train, bus, bike share, ride share, car share)
  2. Local conditions for travel, traffic and transit
  3. Live traffic maps
  4. Bus schedule and delays
  5. Train schedule and delays
  6. Local directory
  7. Real-time transit schedules with TransitAccess®
  8. Fares and Transfers
  9. Accessibility
  10. Elevators and Escalator location
  11. Parking information / vehicle registration
  12. Virtual tours
  13. Drive times to points of interest
  14. Local Retail Advertisements

Mixed Media

There’s more to signage than good text.  Here are contents that make for a dynamic, engaging multimedia experience with visual and/or audio capabilities:

  1. Visualized Music
  2. Before and after slideshows and videos
  3. Photographs of seasons, local surroundings, past events, leadership, etc.
  4. Exhibit created graphics, images, text and visuals
  5. Art gallery
  6. Streaming video
  7. Trending Social Media
  8. Audible information for the blind and vision-impaired


Social Media

Personalized engagement doesn’t get any better than including social media display and capture technology in your digital signage strategy in these ways:

  1. Display and capture reviews
  2. Promote following for your social accounts
  3. Display curated live social media feeds and posts for social accounts
  4. Search tool for queries by handle, user, hashtag or combination searches


There’s a soft side to news and information that can be shared to enhance interactions with users of your signage platform.  Here are examples of ‘infotainment’ content to include on your display:

  1. Inspirational quotes
  2. Trivia and quizzes
  3. Only in Your State
  4. Humor
  5. Horoscopes
  6. Fun facts
  7. On this day in history
  8. How-to presentations
  9. Meal ideas with preparation videos
  10. Behind the scenes moments
  11. Life hacks
  12. Memes

Navigo® Digital Signage 101 provides over 100 content applications for digital signage at your fingertips. 

There’s no shortage of possibilities with what you can do with digital signage.  Navigo® Digital Signage solutions gives you unlimited access to display the information you want in real-time with the frequency and content control that suits your communications strategy the best.  Discover the many ways Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc.’s Navigo® suite of products integrate to optimize your communications, marketing, content, visitor management, security and facility resources.

See Navigo® in action.  Request a demo or call about our solutions, today!

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