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Interactive Visitor Management System

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Interactive and Touchless Visitor Management Solutions

Improve your visitor registration and check-in process with Navigo® patent pending touchless visitor management system technology for pre-screening at entry. Navigo® visitor check-in and security access control management provides tools that can be customized for corporate office buildings and plazas, hospital and medical campuses, multifamily communities, retail/mixed-use properties, and schools. Navigo® visitor management systems are scalable to meet your check-in, security, and pre-screen requirements. From interactive check-in kiosks to touchless access control entry, our visitor management software allows organizations to get the most out of their visitor management experience.

Visitor Management System Features:

Self Check-In or Guard Administered

Touchless Rapid Check-In with QR Code

Printed or Digital Badges at Check-In

Text or Email Host Notifications at Check-In

Web-Based Management for Reservations and Reporting

Face Recognition for Faster Visitor Processing

Contact Tracing and Reporting

Access Control Integration for Turnstile Access

Ditch the paper and pen sign-in book.  

Navigo® allows you to digitize visitor check-in. Visitors scan their state-issued ID or simply enter their name upon arrival. Streamline the check-in process while creating digital logs that can easily be searched on our web-based platform. 


digital sign in log book for visitor check in


Pre-register visitors and issue badges at check-in.

Navigo's web-based management console allows employees to pre-register visitors.  Confirmation email to visitors include a QR code for rapid check-in, that is valid only on the date and timeframe of their expected arrival.  

Configure Navigo® to take photos, scan IDs and even capture digital signatures at check-in.  Printed or digital badges are issued and hosts are alerted via text (or email).


pre-register visitors digital check-in system


Unlock Secure Spaces Seamlessly with Navigo® Access Control Integration

Navigo® integrates with leading access control systems such as Ccure, AMAG, DataWatch, and Genetec. These access control systems are the central hubs that manage and regulate access permissions throughout a facility. By integrating with them, Navigo® extends its capabilities to ensure a seamless access control experience.

smartphone access control system for visitor check-in

Navigo® has the capability to issue temporary credentials, for turnstile or elevator access, based on the verification process. These temporary credentials can be time-limited, granting access only for a specific period. This is especially useful in scenarios where temporary access is required, like for contractors, visitors, or temporary employees.

Navigo® offers continuous monitoring which ensures a prompt response to unauthorized access attempts and provides an audit trail for security compliance.

Easily adapt Navigo® to your organizations changing access control needs and evolving security requirements. 

Elevate your security and streamline access control with Navigo®.


Navigo® touchless visitor management systems are scalable to meet your security requirements.



Benefits of Navigo® Visitor Mangagment Check-in and Badging Systems

Navigo® visitor check-in and badging systems offer several benefits for organizations looking to enhance their visitor management processes. Here are some key benefits:

  1. Enhanced Security: Navigo® visitor badging systems provide a secure and controlled environment by accurately identifying and tracking visitors. The system enables organizations to issue customized visitor badges with unique identifiers, making it easier to distinguish authorized visitors from unauthorized individuals and enhancing overall security.

  2. Streamlined Check-In Process: With Navigo® visitor badging systems, the check-in process becomes quick and efficient. Visitors can easily register their information, capture photos, and print their badges, minimizing wait times and ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience upon arrival.

  3. Improved Visitor Experience: The user-friendly interface of Navigo® visitor badging systems offers a positive visitor experience. Visitors can quickly and easily provide their information, reducing paperwork and creating a welcoming environment that leaves a favorable impression of the organization.

  4. Enhanced Brand Image: Customized visitor badges featuring the organization's logo and branding elements help create a professional and cohesive brand image. This contributes to a positive perception of the organization and reinforces its commitment to security and visitor management.

  5. Compliance and Audit Trails: Navigo® enables organizations to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements. The systems can track and record visitor information, including entry and exit times, providing audit trails and supporting investigations if necessary.

  6. Efficient Visitor Tracking: Navigo® visitor badging systems facilitate accurate and real-time tracking of visitor movements within the organization. This capability enhances security, as it allows staff to quickly identify and locate visitors during emergency situations or evacuations.

  7. Integration with Access Control Systems: Integration between Navigo® and access control systems allows for seamless access management. When visitors check in, their badges can be programmed to grant appropriate access permissions, ensuring they can only access authorized areas of the facility.

  8. Data Management and Reporting: Navigo® visitor badging systems provide robust data management capabilities. Organizations can generate reports on visitor statistics, analyze visitor trends, and extract valuable insights that can inform decision-making and operational improvements.

  9. Visitor Pre-registration and Pre-screening: Navigo® visitor badging systems offer pre-registration and pre-screening features. This allows organizations to streamline the check-in process further by capturing visitor information in advance, enabling quicker processing upon arrival and improving overall operational efficiency.

  10. Scalability and Flexibility: Navigo® visitor badging systems can be easily scaled and customized to accommodate organizations of various sizes and industries. The systems offer flexibility in adapting to specific requirements, workflows, and security protocols, ensuring they align with the unique needs of the organization.

Overall, Navigo® visitor badging systems provide organizations with an efficient, secure, and streamlined approach to visitor management. These systems enhance security measures, improve the visitor experience, and contribute to a professional and organized environment.

Visitor Management and Check-In Systems FAQs

Yes. Navigo® can be used as your virtual receptionist in an interior or exterior environment. Navigo® can provide:

  • A video greeting as persons walk up

  • A searchable directory of tenants

  • DirectDial™ service to connect visitors with tenants via audio and/or video

  • Self check-in and visitor logging by scanning their ID or entering credentials

  • Automated door-unlock upon approval


Pre-authorization of visitors is completed online by your administrator using the Navigo® online management portal.  A QR code is emailed to the visitor allowing for rapid check-in upon arrival. The QR code can be used at Navigo® check-in kiosks to be issued a badge or a QR code can be used for secured access through turnstiles during the appointment's set window of access.


Yes. View our partner integrations here.  Custom API integration is also available, contact us for more information.


2-4 weeks software only and in-stock equipment.  Custom API integration, custom workflows and/or custom enclosure design/build requested may increase lead time to 8-10 weeks.


Just a standard 110V duplex (non-dedicated) and internet connection (hardwired or wireless) is needed.


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