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Scope of Visitor Management Systems

Improve the safety and security of your facility with Navigo® end-to-end touchless visitor processing solutions.


Improve your visitor registration and check-in process with Navigo® touchless visitor management solutions. Navigo® visitor check-in and access management provides tools that can be customized with the capabilities for corporate office buildings and plazas, hospital and medical campuses, commercial, retail and mixed use properties and schools.


Navigo® visitor management systems and visitor check-in software work together to provide you with custom, scalable solutions.  Navigo® offers stand-alone solutions for visitor management that can work as a self-service system or with a guard-assisted check-in including:


  • Navigo® Temp Scanning for contactless temperature reading at building or office entry-points
  • Drivers license and pre-registration QR code scanning
  • On-demand badge or QR code printing
  • Host notifications for visitor arrivals at check-in
  • Safety alerting to response teams
  • Face recognition for faster identification
  • Contact tracing for proactive health and wellness management
  • Customizable access control management and scheduling by visitor and visit type


These solutions can operate independently or be an add-on feature to your visitor sign-in process.

For more information on conducting contact tracing to stop the spread of COVID-19, visit the Center for Disease Control online at


Simple Platform

Navigo® offers a simple cloud-based platform for employees to pre-register visitors, run reports and view real-time dashboards remotely.

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Visitor Badges

Navigo® prints or delivers access badges electronically or by printer.

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Navigo® immediately sends a text and/or email alert to host when a guest arrives.

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Navigo® provides integrations with 3rd party access controls systems for turnstile and elevator access.

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Navigo® Visitor Check-in Systems offer:

  • Simple digital visitor logging using cloud-based software to pre-register visitors, run reports and view real-time dashboards
  • A digital visitor log and in and out dashboard for tracking office attendance– more efficient than handwritten logs
  • Access controls for daily visitors, reoccurring arrivals, contractors and approved vendors
  • Temp scanning for temperature screening (alone or as an add-on) at entry points
  • Watch list verification to control unauthorized visits and building access
  • Real-time watch list including FBIs most-wanted and persons of interest databases (including registered sex offenders)
  • Customizable welcome screen for self-service kiosks and guard stations for check-in & badging
  • Touchless scanning and processing of IDs and/or passports
  • On-demand photo capture
  • Disclosures and statements review with signature capture
  • Real-time text or email host notifications and alerting
  • Single sign-on integrationfor employees to pre-register visitors
  • Self check-in and guard-administered functionality
  • Seamless integration with security system for turnstile/elevator-controlled access
  • Printing and issuance of temporary badges and self-expiring access QR codes
  • A single master database allows for a centralized visitor/tenant-access/directory database
  • Seamless integration with third party security systems such as TAC I/NET, C-CURE, Genetec Security Center, AMAG & many other security systems to allow access through turnstiles and elevator entry
  • Instant reports available from your customized parameters.


Navigo® touchless visitor processing solutions integrate seamlessly with digital signage systems to display communications in real-time such as in and out boards, building notices or emergency bulletins.  Navigo® systems can also be customized for interior or outdoor built environments.


Visit Our Portfolio to see our work on digital signage and wayfinding visitor management systems with custom enclosures installed in building interiors and outdoor as public information displays.


Learn more about tailoring Navigo® Visitor Management software for scheduling solutions to protect environments like K-12 schools and campuses.


Speak with the Navigo® design experts at ITS to learn more about integrating and installing a custom Visitor Management System in your facility.



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