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What is wayfinding?

Over our 21+ years in business, we have seen the term “wayfinding” grow in popularity.  Wayfinding is the term used to describe the process of directing patrons throughout a facility or campus.  For example, an arrow sign symbol on the wall directing visitors to the elevator is considered a wayfinding sign.  A Navigo® digital sign providing maps, animated routes and text directions to desired locations and services is considered a wayfinding tool.


Are your Navigo® wayfinding signage systems ADA compliant?

Yes.  All standard enclosures and kiosk designs offered by ITS, Inc. are fully ADA compliant.  Our wall-mounted enclosure specs include recommended install heights to ensure compliant with ADA. Additional software features are available to further ensure compliance with ADA.

NOTE: Section 508 compliant package is also available for the visually impaired.


What do you need to develop the maps used in the Navigo® wayfinding system?

Customers can provide maps in AutoCad, jpg, bmp or even just a printed brochure (if a digital format is not available).  If neither of these formats are available, our wayfinding experts will walk your facility and develop original floor plans for use within Navigo®.


What is the lead time?

2-4 weeks software only and in-stock equipment.  Custom API integration, custom workflows and/or custom enclosure design/build requested may increase lead time to 8-10 weeks.


What are the power and cabling requirements?

Just a standard 110V duplex (non-dedicated) and internet connection (hardwired or wireless) is needed!


What are the specs for the screens sizes that are available?

Screens sizes are available from 12” up to 75” and multi-screen video wall setup is available for even larger coverage.  To ensure you are using the most up to date specifications, please contact us.

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