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What type of information can my electronic directory display in addition to the tenant listings?

Navigo® digital signage can be used as a building directory and is easily configured to also display building amenities, local area amenities with live maps, news tickers, weather, floor plans of available space, live TV, energy consumption dashboards and so much more!  Any live or scheduled content can be set to be displayed on your Navigo® digital signage system and branded to your organization/building.


Can my electronic directory be interactive?

Yes. And it also depends on what you mean by interactive.  Navigo® building directory systems can be used on a touchscreen LED or non-touchscreen LED.  A touchscreen building directory offers information that users can search and view on-demand – users interact with the screen to find information.  A Navigo® non-touchscreen building directory allows you to display a variety of content, with varying display times, transitions and schedules – making the experience truly “interactive”. 


Is installation included?

As a standard, we offer a turnkey solution that includes on-site installation with every Navigo® building directory that we propose.  For organizations that have the desire and ability to conduct installation themselves, we offer a self-install package for a reduced price.  If you can hang a TV on a wall and follow our step by step install directions, you should have no problem.


What is the lead time?

2-4 weeks software only and in-stock equipment.  Custom API integration, custom workflows and/or custom enclosure design/build requested may increase lead time to 8-10 weeks.


What are the power and cabling requirements?

Just a standard 110V duplex (non-dedicated) and internet connection (hardwired or wireless) is needed!


What are the specs for the size screens that are available?

Screens sizes are available from 12” up to 75” and multi-screen video wall setup is available for even larger coverage.  To ensure you are using the most up to date specifications, please contact us.

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