Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc., Gets a Brand Reboot Powered by Navigo®

Interactive Touchscreen Solutions (ITS), Inc. premiers a new corporate brand identity that aligns innovation, adaptation, and experience in the evolving building and facilities management and operations market.

ITS Powered by Navigo®

Crofton, Maryland – ITS, Inc., developers of Navigo® technology, announce a corporate identity makeover complete with a new website, new corporate logo, and re-presentation of the company’s formal name. Known since its inception in 1999 as Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Incorporated, the company has made the simplified transition to go forward as ITS. ITS’ new slogan is now, “Powered by Navigo®. 

Plans to rebrand the organization and digital solutions suite began in 2019 and was formalized in 2020. The focus of rebranding is to illustrate expertise and thought leadership on the scalable solutions that building, and facility managers and operators rely on to retain and attract high-value tenants. 

ITS’ new logo reflects the “out-of-box,” turn-key functionality of Navigo®-powered solutions. The logo centers around a building, surrounded by a design that resembles the universal power button. 

The new website reveals detailed information about Navigo® solutions, industries served, and a diverse portfolio of system installations. 

Marketing director, Kandy Phillips, states, “Simply put, Navigo® means solutions for buildings and the people they serve. My plan is to position ITS and the Navigo® brand to be the go-to for our solutions the way Amazon is for all consumer products. We will show up first and our content will establish we are the popular solution and thought leader on our solutions. That’s our vision.” 

With a defined new corporate brand, ITS will leverage its expertise and industry leadership with the integrity and evolution of the Navigo® product suite for the future. ITS will continue to focus on driving superior service and technology to its diverse end-users and expand its portfolio of customers across North America and Canada. 

For ITS, Inc., a contemporary new brand and website with new engaging content creates a better customer journey for the buildings and people it serves. 

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