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Office Digital Signage Solutions for Corporate Workplaces, Manufacturing Facilities and Other Commercial Buildings

Office digital signage can help modernize your workplace, improve efficiency, enhance communications, and create more engagement. It can enhance the visitor experience with wayfinding or enhance internal efficiencies with digital meeting room availability signs. Whether installing new signage systems or upgrading from static signs, digital signage can offer the enhanced experience many commercial facilities require. With ITS and Navigo®, it’s easier than ever to implement a new digital signage system. Navigo® offers a full suite of solutions to display and capture information allowing you to get the most out of digital signage. Explore the capabilities of office digital signage below to see how they can help meet your current and future needs.

diagram of office digital signage services for office buildings


Digital Signage and Video Walls

Navigo® touchless digital signage displays, strategically placed in high-trafficked areas, provide reinforcement for static and interactive signage with the benefit of displaying content updates in real-time.

Break through the boundaries of static signage. Navigo® digital signage, directories, and meeting room displays are cost-effective solutions to modernize your facility for the people it serves.


digital signage examples in various offices and workplace settings


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Touchscreen Kiosks

Navigo® provides the platform to streamline communications, to your target audience, via touchless digital signage and interactive digital touch screen signage. 

We custom design the workflow and layout that best fits the content you want to present. Select our turn-key option and we recommend and supply the hardware, enclosures and perform the on-site work for installation and maintenance.


people interacting with various digital directories in commercial settings



Wayfinding Maps & Directions

Use Navigo® to autogenerate routes and step by step directions to the building services, departments, offices, and amenities on campus/ in-building.

Provide a “destination-specific” guide for each visitor including a wide range of information relating to the specific purpose of their visit.

Map delivery options include print, text me, email me and QR code scan. 


digital wayfinding map examples from corporate facilities



Visitor Management Systems

Improve the safety of your facility with Navigo® end-to-end visitor management system (VMS) for a paperless solution to pre-screen, identify, validate, badge and track access for visitors entering your facility.

Navigo® is scalable for your visitor management and check-in needs.  We offer guard assisted and self-service pre-screening, check-in, access authorization, logging, and tracking. 


visitor management examples for commercial buildings




Navigo® Offers Custom-Designed Digital Signage Systems For Offices and Workplaces of All Kinds

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