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Improve building safety and security with Navigo® end-to-end touchless visitor management and pre-screening solutions.

Improve your visitor registration and check-in process with Navigo® patent pending touchless visitor management system technology for pre-screening at entry. Navigo® visitor check-in and security access control management provides tools that can be customized with the capabilities for corporate office buildings and plazas, hospital and medical campuses, commercial, retail, and mixed-use properties, and schools. Navigo® visitor management and pre-screening systems and touchless visitor check-in technology work together to provide you with custom, scalable solutions. Navigo® offers stand-alone software solutions for visitor management that can work as a self-service mobile-access system or with a guard-assisted check-in.

Built in features include:

Navigo® Self-Service Check-in Kiosks

Rapid Check-In with Driver’s License, Passport or Pre-sent QR Code

On-demand Badges and QR Code Printing

Host Notification or Security Alerting of Visitor Arrival at Check-in

Online Management Portal for Scheduling, Managing Check-in Workflows and Reporting

Face Recognition for Faster Visitor Processing

Contact Tracing and Reporting

Custom Access Control Integration for Streamlined Process

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