ITS Navigo® Announces Patent Pending Touchless Technology

Navigo® provides a fully contactless solution to validate and grant access digitally for touchless access to secured entryways of buildings.

ITS Navigo® Announces Patent Pending Touchless Technology for Safer Public Reopening

Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. (ITS) announces the patent filing for its touchless Navigo® technology that has enabled its current subscribers to safely manage access-granting procedures for employers, schools, and public-facing businesses. 

Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc., developer of Navigo® software technology, announces a patent pending for their touchless software technology.  Navigo® provides a fully contactless solution to validate and grant access digitally for touchless access to secured entryways of buildings.  With the scalability of the software, its end-users have largely utilized Navigo® technology for visitor management.  Navigo® logs and validates a visit according to the unique protocol set for credentialing employees, visitors, vendors, etc., and manages their period of authorized access.  The capabilities Navigo® provides streamline and enhance security and access control, and, with its touchless functionality, enables a healthier environment for occupancy.

ITS provides innovative technology solutions for buildings and the people they serve.  Since 1999 they have evolved Navigo® technology to include visual communication display systems and building directories that are Section 508 compliant.  These systems display real-time communications, updates, wayfinding, advertising, and applications such as TransitAccess®, the ITS software that displays live local transit schedules for commuters.  Navigo® made its footprint in the visitor management and access control space by integrating with security access partners to develop custom solutions such as replacing paper visitor logs and eliminating paper access badges.  It has enabled property and facility managers to account for, and communicate with, their people remotely especially during emergency conditions.

Navigo® patent pending touchless technology is a fully touchless visitor management system (VMS) solution that virtualizes the check-in, credentialing, and access badging procedures with mobile technology.  Subscribers can fully automate the process of digitally logging a person's arrival, validating their identity, capturing responses to security pre-screening questions, authorizing, and issuing access badges for a set time period, and notifying their hosts at arrival.   The technology eliminates interactions with surfaces such as public kiosks and touch screens and functions fully in compliance with CDC guidelines for optimal health and safety.

Evolving safety measures that are being implemented for public space reopening sparked the opportunity for Navigo® subscribers to integrate peripherals that enhance their touchless visitor management system.  Temperature sensor devices, for instance, provide a way to perform instant temperature readings for wellness checks.  A temperature sensor becomes more than a device that detects high body temperature with Navigo® Temp Scanner integration, as the technology can provide enhanced security features such as facial recognition, contact tracing, real-time alerting and notifications and a database for logging, tracking and managing any volume of traffic.  Nancy Lara of Meringoff Properties reported that Navigo® temp scanning integration has found to be beneficial to her team, adding that, "in addition to the screening requirements, tenants appreciate the added safety measure, as it helps them manage their employee expectations and well-being during this public health emergency, in a meaningful and efficient way."

What patenting Navigo® does is set its precedence and distinguishes its solutions from vendors offering visitor management and digital directory stand-alone solutions.  Because of its unique platform and capabilities, Navigo® extraordinarily meets the standards of organizations and their industries as swiftly as their dynamic needs evolve.

Complex facilities including K-12 schools as well as private colleges and university campuses have taken an interest in Navigo® technology for its ability to manage and track traffic in masses with customization options to also track student's custodial schedules, visitor access and visitor interactions.

ITS Navigo® continues to enable people that manage public and private buildings and gathering places to keep people safe and plan proactively for best operational conditions.

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