How to Use Digital Signage in Manufacturing to Decrease Accidents

Decreasing accidents is a major goal for many manufacturing facilities and for good reason. Of course, you prioritize the safety of your people, but you also recognize accidents can have major financial implications. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), the average cost per medically consulted injury in 2021 was $42,000.


As manufacturing facilities are looking for resources to help limit accidents, many are turning to digital signage as a solution to help. If you’re curious how a manufacturing facility can use digital signage to decrease accidents, then you are in the right place. We will discuss some of the many strategies that can be implemented to reduce the risk of accidents.


Why Digital Signage for Manufacturing safety?

When it comes to safety, there are a number of resources and opportunities, so why take the time to invest in something like digital signage? 


Digital signage is a versatile tool that can allow businesses to showcase both static and dynamic information. With their bright LED displays and the ability to be placed nearly anywhere, they are a powerful tool for safety warnings and maintaining good safety practices. 


Digital signage also allows manufacturing facilities to easily change the sign’s messaging with minimal effort and can utilize it in a variety of ways. 


In short, digital signage is an easy and effective way to enhance safety by creating hard to miss safety reminders and processes. 


How Manufacturers are Using Digital Signage for Safety

Every manufacturer will have its own safety practices and procedures for keeping employees safe. One of the major benefits of digital signage is the ability to customize it in a way that fits your facility’s needs. While there may be many ways to use digital signage for safety, we are going to highlight just a few common practices. 


Workplace safety reminders

One way to encourage safe practices is to keep reminders in unsafe areas or where employees can easily be harmed. By utilizing digital signage, your facility can display digital checklists, OSHA reminders or other content to remind them of safety best practices.


With easy to update information, you can change these reminders as needed. For example, if it’s a rainy day, remind workers that wet shoes and floors can easily lead to slips. 


Rotating Safety notices and content

To avoid “banner blindness” utilize scrolling safety content. This will keep messaging fresh and engaging and will increase the likelihood that employees will pay more attention to the signs. 


Do you want to remind employees of recent process changes, while highlighting recent incident reports, but also promoting a safety tip of the week? By having rotating messages, you can convey all the necessary information you want. 


Hazardous Area Warnings

Accidents can easily occur when unsuspecting workers or guests wander into a hazardous area without the proper safety protocols or equipment. Bring awareness to the dangers and deter entering with the use of a bright digital display. Your facility can maximize attention drawn to the sign by using flashing messages or brightly colored alerts.


Emergency Alerts

In the event of an emergency, digital signs can be a key in ensuring safety for everyone. A big part of keeping individuals safe during an emergency is communication and clarity. 


With digital signage throughout the facility, everyone will be able to see the alerts and act immediately. It can be used to show evacuation routes, assembly points, notifications, and other critical information. When you need to communicate fast, digital signage can be key.


Company announcements

Many manufacturers use their digital signage to provide company information and reminders to keep important information front of mind. From safety information from recent training to highlighting the last incident date, your facility can highlight all the company information it needs with the help of digital signs. 


Digital Signage Tools to Enhance Safety

As you explored, many of the most useful ways to use digital signage is to display important information in a variety of ways. However, there are many other ways you can enhance safety within your facility using digital signage tools. 


Visitor management systems allow visitors to check in and can also provide keycards allowing them access to only the places permitted.


Access control systems can be linked with visitor management systems to keep certain areas locked off to restricted personnel. 


Digital wayfinding allows individuals to navigate through your facility without getting lost or wandering into dangerous areas. 


And of course, HR and trainers can use digital displays in their safety training and meetings to make for more engaging safety presentations. 


Implementing Digital Signage to Decrease Accidents

Digital signage is an effective way to reduce accidents and improve safety. If your manufacturing facility is looking to enhance safety it can be done with digital signage but only when implemented well. 


Here are some steps to help you plan for your digital signage implementation.


  1. Decide what information needs to be displayed and where
  2. Discuss plans with HR and operations to determine any compliance requirements for digital signage implementation (ie ADA compliance, Section 508)
  3. Map out each place and the type/size of display needed
  4. Identify the number and types of digital signage needed
  5. Contact a digital signage provider such as ITS Navigo® to plan for implementation


Is your manufacturing facility considering more ways to reduce accidents? Do you want to make digital signage part of that strategy? Contact us for a consultation and demo for how it will help. 


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