How Digital Signage Enhances Wayfinding

Long gone are the days of handheld paper maps and handwritten directions. Today, we have technology such as digital signage to help us find where we need to go. Many college campuses and commercial buildings have digital wayfinding signage for their visitors. But, does digital signage really enhance wayfinding? How does it really compare to traditional maps and directions? In this article, you will learn how digital signage enhances the wayfinding experience.


4 Ways Digital Signage Enhances Wayfinding

There are many advantages to having digital wayfinding signage. Here are some of the benefits:


Reduced confusion and stress for visitors

As a business, the last thing you want is for your client to have a negative experience while visiting your facility. When people visit new places for the first time, it can often invoke feelings of anxiety and stress. Finding your way around a huge facility that you have never been to can be confusing and stressful. Digital signage helps visitors get to their destination without confusion by providing them with clear and concise directions. Wayfinding signage is also interactive, allowing users to quickly and easily navigate large buildings and campuses. Some digital signage even allows visitors to pull up the directions on their cell phones, allowing visitors to reference them as they go.


More efficient routes

When navigating large campuses and facilities, there are many ways to get to one destination. However, not every route that you can take is the fastest route. To reduce stress and save time, digital signage provides visitors with the most efficient routes to their destination and offers accessible routes for those who need it. This makes navigating large buildings or campuses much more convenient and ensures that visitors can get to where they need to go efficiently and easily. 


Real-time changes and updates

Innovative technology has blessed us with the ability to update information in real-time. This is a feature that improves the user experience drastically because businesses can update maps and routes in real-time. This ensures that all routes are up to date. Businesses can even close off certain hallways or paths on their digital signage so that visitors do not go to certain areas. This can be useful if construction or renovation work is going on in your building. Updating routes ensures that visitors find their destination safely and reduces the risk of potential injuries. 


Provides information about locations and directions

Providing information about locations through wayfinding signage is crucial for helping people understand their surroundings. It assists individuals in identifying specific places, rooms, or facilities, reducing confusion, and making navigation more efficient. This is especially valuable in large and complex environments like hospitals, airports, or campuses, where clear signage ensures that people can easily reach their desired destinations without getting lost.


Is Digital Wayfinding Right for Your Facility?

Around the world businesses are using digital wayfinding to enhance the wayfinding experience for their campuses and facilities. From corporate offices to art exhibits and recreation facilities, organizations are beginning to understand the positive impact it has on their visitors and overall business performance. 

You now know some of the many benefits of digital signage and how it can improve your visitors’ experience at your facility. Would your organization benefit from enhancing the wayfinding experience?  Is digital signage the right solution to improving your facility’s wayfinding? If you are considering looking into digital signage for your facility and want to learn more details, give us a call at 800-652-4830. We are a digital signage provider that has been helping organizations enhance their visitor experience since 1999. When it comes to digital wayfinding, we understand the expectations your visitors have and the important aspects you must consider. 


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