How Digital Signage Can Be Used In Product Promotion

Digital signage is a great visual tool that can help a business attract customers to its storefront, create engagement, and increase sales. It’s also a fantastic way to promote products both in-store and outside of a store. 


Are you curious about the use of digital signage but want to explore how it can help you increase sales? Do you have products and are looking for a new creative way to promote them?

Then you are in the right place. We will be helping you understand the impact digital signage can make and just how businesses can use it for the promotion of their products and services.


The impact of digital signage 

Before we jump into the ways digital signage can be used, it is important to discuss why it is such an effective platform when there are so many other forms of product promotion. While it is not the first thing many businesses think of when they wish to sell more products, it does offer many unique benefits that make it a great asset in the marketing mix to improve product promotion. 


Here are some of those reasons:


  • Digital signage can be easily changed on a regular basis whereas static signage can be costly to change out

  • It is visually appealing and less likely to be ignored 

  • It creates engagement opportunities for customers

  • Switching from static signage can provide a reduction in long-term promotional costs

  • Analytical capabilities give organizations insights into how effective the signage is


Statistics show that digital displays capture more views than traditional signage, can cause more unplanned store visits, and can lead to more impulse purchases from store visitors.


Digital signage not only grabs the attention of customers and makes it more likely they will purchase (or purchase more), but it also helps to reduce overall costs. What better way to promote your products?


Ways to promote products with Digital Signage

When implemented well, digital signage can be an effective tool to help promote and sell products. As we explored moments ago, it can have quite an impact on businesses, especially retail establishments, but it’s all in how an organization utilizes it. 


As a digital signage partner, we want to help businesses understand the various ways they can use digital signage to promote their businesses. Over the course of our 24+ years in business, we have seen businesses and facilities use digital signage in many unique ways. Below, we have listed a number of examples of how businesses can utilize digital signage to promote their products.


Showcase Services and Product offerings

The simplest way to promote your products is by showcasing them on your digital signage. This can be done with a vibrant static image or a rotating set of images.

Businesses do this to bring awareness of their total service offering and in other cases, they use it as an opportunity to highlight new products that customers may not have known about. 


Highlight Offers and Sales

Sales and offers are another area that businesses should consider bringing awareness to with their digital signage. Businesses can promote ongoing sales just like they would with static signs but with more engaging visuals and without having to throw the signs away after the sale. 


Digital signage also allows stores to more easily promote last-minute flash sales when necessary. 


Show use cases for products

The best way to convince someone that they need a product is to show it in action. Instead of displaying a static product or sale, show various use cases for certain products. 


Imagine a shoe store that wanted to show how versatile a pair of shoes were. They could create a gif of a model wearing the same shoes with different seasonal outfits.

This type of content can be created for widgets, clothes, workout equipment, and all sorts of products. Businesses can do this with video, gifs, or a series of rotating images. 


Share Testimonials

Create confidence in your brand or products with testimonials. Highlighting 5-star reviews or client testimonials can provide confidence in new customers that the product or your business will not let them down. 


What makes this a particularly successful strategy is when the testimonial is coupled with the product itself. 


Advertise outside of the store 

Digital signage outside of your establishment is a great way to bring new customers in. If you are a new business or you have new products in stock, use outside signage to generate awareness and encourage people to come in. 


Bring awareness to special events, product launches and more

Does your store have an upcoming product launch or do you host special events? Using your digital signage is a great way to bring awareness to these events and bring customers back. 


With modern technology, not only can you promote these special events, but you can allow customers to sign up for the event or to sign up for reminders using a QR code embedded in the sign.


Upsell or bundle products

Many retail establishments seek to increase the average order value per customer, and an important aspect of that is through upselling and bundling products. Oftentimes customers come to retail establishments with a certain item in mind but they can be sold on additional items if they are aware of the value it can bring.


Digital signage is a great way to generate an upsell or bundling opportunity. A retail store could highlight a promotion (buy a hat get 20% off sunglasses) or showcase products that go great together. So, if a customer is coming in to look at hats, they may be convinced to also buy some sunglasses or another accessory.   


Partnering to create better signage solutions

Digital signage is a great way to market your products and business, but there are many more use cases and functions it offers. Establishments can use digital signage to modernize their facility, enhance the visitor experience, showcase donors, or just add fun to their promotions. 


To get the most out of your digital signage experience it’s important to work with a digital signage partner who can offer not just a digital display but an entire solution. 

At ITS, we have been partnering with facilities, property managers, and businesses in the US and Canadian markets for over 20 years to create the best solutions for their digital signage needs. So whether you are looking to improve product promotion, enhance the customer experience, or just create a more modernized property, ITS Navigo® can help.


Explore for more information on our solutions or contact us for needs unique to your property or project.


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