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Navigo® Solutions for Government and Courthouse Buildings and the People They Serve

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Navigo® Touchscreen and Touchless Solutions for Public, High-traffic Government and Courthouse Buildings

Navigo® offers a full range of solutions for government and courthouse buildings from state-of-the-art visitor management systems to digital signage and kiosks for real-time communications and self-service applications.

Courthouses and government institutions improve public access to services and information with Navigo®. Our digital signage enables federal, state, and local agencies to effectively communicate, direct, and inform the public and its employees and our visitor management tools enhance the security and access measures taken to protect people on-site.


Courthouse Digital Signage Powered by Navigo®


With Navigo®, courthouses and other public civic buildings can:

  • Inform the public of security checkpoint procedures upon entering the building
  • Communicate and illustrate rules of conduct
  • Display maps and directions
  • Display schedules for the day’s proceedings and hours of operations
  • Integrate with existing docket systems to display each courtroom’s daily docket
  • Relay emergency updates and safety guidelines
  • Display information in multiple languages


Communication at times of emergency is essential for the safety and health of all citizens. Bottomline, Navigo® digital signage solutions streamline operations for courthouses and other government agencies that allows them to communicate with their staff and the public more efficiently and effectively.

Overall, public-serving government buildings may see the biggest gains from implementing Navigo® Solutions in their end end-of-year balance as labor costs and spending on printing will decrease with increased signage utilization. Governments may fully harness the financial benefits that digital signage can generate revenue by offering advertising space on displays.


Visitor Management Systems Powered by Navigo®

Navigo® tailored solutions for high-traffic and secured government buildings enables you to:

  • Use Navigo® cloud-based visitor badge issuance software to pre-register visitors, capture photos, digital signatures, reference and compare to watchlist(s), issue badges – all with date/time stamps for full analytics and reporting.
  • Have access to on-demand reports available any time with your set criteria.
  • Access a single database for a centralized visitor/tenant-access/directory database


Have seamless integration with third party security systems such as TAC I/NET, C-CURE, Genetec Security Center, AMAG, and many other security systems to allow access through turnstiles and elevator entry.

Navigo® works on existing hardware, or we can provide a turnkey solution including software, hardware, enclosures, professional services, and on-going maintenance.


We are your solutions provider that offers scalable modules to meet the visitor communication and management needs of your facility.

  • Integrate with multiple existing data sources, in real-time, for court docket, events and staff directory.
  • Provide live news & weather.
  • Show transit information with TransitAccess® real time status and schedules for nearby public and shared transportation options.
  • Link to live maps to provide directions to neighborhood amenities.


And, all Navigo® digital signage systems are ADA compliant with add-on hardware and features for Section 508 compliance.


Navigo® systems are customized for each facility.

Find the right solution for your organization and its facility's needs.
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