Engaging Content Ideas for Touchscreen Digital Signs in Mixed-Use Commercial Properties

In today's mixed-use commercial properties, touchscreen digital signs serve as powerful communication tools to engage visitors, tenants, and employees. With their interactive capabilities, these signs offer a wide range of content possibilities to enhance the overall experience. In this article, we'll explore different types of content that can be displayed on touchscreen digital signs in mixed-use commercial properties, transforming them into dynamic information hubs.


Building and Tenant Directory

One of the primary functions of touchscreen digital signs in mixed-use properties is to provide directory information. Visitors can easily navigate through the property, locate specific businesses, and access relevant contact details. Interactive maps and directories can enhance user experience, enabling quick and efficient navigation.


Promotions and Advertising

Touchscreen digital signs can be utilized as platforms to showcase promotional offers, advertisements, and upcoming events within the property. By displaying eye-catching visuals and interactive content, businesses can effectively promote their products, services, or events to a captive audience.


Amenities and Services

Highlighting the amenities and services available within the mixed-use property is crucial for enhancing convenience and satisfaction. Touchscreen digital signs can provide information about parking areas, fitness facilities, dining options, and concierge services. This empowers visitors and tenants to make the most of the property's offerings.


News and Updates

Keeping the community informed about news and updates relevant to the property is vital. Touchscreen digital signs can display real-time news feeds, weather updates, transportation schedules, and local event information. This keeps visitors and tenants connected to the broader community and facilitates their planning and decision-making.


Interactive Wayfinding

Complex mixed-use properties often require clear and intuitive wayfinding systems. Touchscreen digital signs can offer interactive wayfinding capabilities, allowing users to search for specific destinations and receive step-by-step directions. This feature simplifies navigation and ensures a positive experience within the property.



Touchscreen digital signs in mixed-use commercial properties provide a versatile platform to engage and inform visitors, tenants, and employees. By displaying building directories, promoting businesses and events, highlighting amenities and services, sharing news and updates, and offering interactive wayfinding, these signs become valuable information hubs. The key is to create dynamic and engaging content that caters to the diverse needs of the mixed-use property community. With the right content strategy, touchscreen digital signs can transform into essential communication tools, enhancing the overall experience and fostering a vibrant environment within the property.


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