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Engage Commuters and Travelers with Transit Digital Signage

Digital signage allows bus stations, metro stations, airports, and other transportation authorities to update and convey useful and timely information to travelers and commuters. From transit status updates to advertisements, you can display information that improves efficiency, safety and profitability. Transportation accessibility adds value to any property in this competitive real estate market. As populations grow and new shared mobility options are becoming available, people are looking for alternative and sustainable ways to commute. Meet TransitAccess®, your real-time transit digital signage solution With TransitAccess®, you can display key transit, commuter, and traffic data on touchless and touchscreen LED displays. This is a scalable technology that allows you to customize and control the information your travelers see. Show transit information, promotional materials, weather updates and any relevant information that would add value to travelers. Learn more below.

Transit Digital Signage Features

Real-time Transit Status

Next Arrival & Departure Times

Map Showing Transit Options

Traffic Maps with Drive Times

Car, Bike, Scootershare Availability

Charging Locations and Availability

Custom Designed Branded Widgets

3rd Party Shuttle Service Schedules

Display real-time transit options and schedules.

TransitAccess® provides key transit, commuter, and traffic data for the transit agencies closest to your property. Commuter options add value to your building and organization when attracting tenants and employees.


digital transit screen displaying transit route and schedules


Display next arrival times for buses and trains. 

TransitAccess® pulls GTFS Realtime feeds from any number of transit agencies in your area.  With the power of Navigo®, you can design each transportation widget to match your brand and provide current departure and arrival times for buses, metro, and trains nearby.  


gtfs transit display transit board real time transit led


Live traffic maps with drive times.

TransitAccess® traffic map widgets also include the option to pick multiple points, in any direction, to display the current estimated drive time.  Whether you’re heading to the airport, trying to get home or must go across town for a meeting, TransitAccess® live traffic maps gives you a quick heads up on what to expect.


digital transit screen displaying live traffic map and schedule


Benefits of Choosing Navigo® TransitAccess® For Your Transit Digital Signage Needs

  1. Improved Passenger Experience: Real-time transit display boards provide accurate and up-to-date information on arrival and departure times, helping passengers plan their journeys more effectively. This reduces waiting times, minimizes uncertainty, and enhances overall passenger satisfaction.

  2. Enhanced Efficiency: By displaying real-time information, transit display boards help passengers quickly identify their desired routes, platforms, and stops. This reduces confusion and congestion, resulting in more efficient passenger flow and improved operational efficiency.

  3. Increased Reliability: Real-time transit display boards provide accurate information about delays, service disruptions, and schedule changes. This allows passengers to adjust their travel plans accordingly, reducing frustration and improving their perception of the transit system's reliability.

  4. Improved Safety and Security: Real-time transit information keeps passengers informed about any service disruptions, emergencies, or alternative routes. This enhances safety and security by providing passengers with the necessary information to make informed decisions during unexpected situations.

  5. Promotes Public Transport Usage: A reliable and informative transit system encourages more people to choose public transportation over private vehicles. Real-time display boards make public transport a more attractive option by providing transparency and convenience, ultimately contributing to reducing traffic congestion and environmental impact.

  6. Cost Savings: Real-time transit information reduces the number of inquiries and complaints, which can help reduce operational costs associated with customer service. Additionally, by improving efficiency and passenger flow, transit display boards can lead to cost savings for transit agencies.

  7. Data Collection and Analysis: Transit display boards can gather data on passenger movements, such as boarding and alighting patterns, popular routes, and peak travel times. This data can be analyzed to make informed decisions regarding service improvements, route optimization, and resource allocation.


ITS offers scalable transportation signage solutions to fit your needs.

ITS can provide a turn-key solution including all the hardware, software, and professional services. Or, just subscribe to TransitAccess® to turn any existing LED into a Navigo® digital sign.

And all Cloud Premium features are included with your TransitAccess® subscription.  Manage all content from the web, create, and schedule a variety of messages for your target audience. Include product news, announcements, building information, stream news tickers, weather forecasts and of course, transit information.


transit screens with transportation information



Navigo® TransitAccess® Digital Signage FAQs:

Yes. By subscribing to Navigo® TransitAccess® your digital signage can display real-time schedules and status of public transportation options.  You indicate your desired radius and TransitAccess® populates with the available bus stops, trains, light rails, car shares, bike shares, scooter shares and car charge stations.  When used on a touchscreen, users can touch desired options to view & zoom interactive maps.


Yes. Customers can provide their own hardware and simply subscribe to Navigo® TransitAccess®.


Typically, TransitAccess® screens are placed in high trafficked areas for at-a-glance viewing by multiple people.  The ideal screen size would be 43”+ placed in a line of site location within the regular flow of traffic.


2-4 weeks software only and in-stock equipment.  Custom API integration, custom workflows and/or custom enclosure design/build requested may increase lead time to 8-10 weeks.


Just a standard 110V duplex (non dedicated) and internet connection (hardwired or wireless) is needed!


Screens sizes are available from 10” up to 95” and multi-screen video wall setup is available for even larger coverage.  To ensure you are using the most up to date specifications, please contact us.


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With Navigo® the sky’s the limit for what you can display and it’s the reason why we developed TransitAccess® Show real-time feeds on schedules for flights, trains, buses or ridesharing convenient to your site.

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