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Digital Signage Solutions For Healthcare Facilities

Improve the healthcare visitor experience with Navigo®. Our digital signage solutions offer a variety of modules specific to today’s healthcare facilities. From digital signage for effective communication to ADA-compliant wayfinding kiosks and touchless check-in systems for vendors, patients, and visitors. These solutions allow your facility to provide a better experience for your patients and improve the internal efficiency of your staff. Let Navigo® help you improve the patient and visitor experience at your hospital. Explore the digital signage solutions we offer to healthcare facilities.

healthcare digital signage solutions for streamlining communication


Digital Signage and Video Walls

Navigo® offers a cloud-based management portal to easily create, update and schedule content for your target audience. With Navigo® digital signage, hospitals can communicate, educate, notify, and alert. Navigo® puts you in control to create visually appealing and engaging content to be displayed in multiple languages and dialects.


various digital signage in hospitals and medical facilities


Self-Service Touchscreen Kiosks

Navigo® offers a turn-key solution for healthcare facilities including hardware, ADA-compliant enclosures, software, development, installation, and maintenance.  When placed in high traffic areas, Navigo® kiosks provide real-time information, maps & directions, security provisions, safety protocols, emergency notifications, news, and announcements.


examples of digital self-service kiosks and interactive wayfinding systems at various healthcare campuses


Tailored Messaging for Healthcare Facility Visitors

Have total control of the content displayed on your hospital's touchless or touchscreen digital signage systems with our Navigo® software. It allows you to create, manage and schedule unique messages and presentations for the target audience. 

Here are a few ways you can tailor the content of your digital signs:

  • Welcome messages with maps, directions and events calendar

  • Health education and awareness

  • Physician bios

  • Donor recognition digital plaques

  • HR notices and employee/staff news

  • Menu boards with nutritional information

  • Self-paced surveys to collect visitor feedback

  • Construction/renovation updates



Wayfinding Maps & Directions

Digital wayfinding is essential for healthcare facilities that want to offer a lower stress environment for their guests. It allows hospitals and medical facilities to easily guide their visitors to the appropriate places in a timely manner. 

With a digital wayfinding system, healthcare facilities can continually display the most current campus and floor plan maps with animated markers to frequented areas & services.  Navigo® touchscreen systems allow patients and visitors to search and view maps on-demand, at their own pace.  Users can toggle the map for shortest route, ADA accessible route, avoid stairs route, etc.  

2D and 3D maps show destination specific paths and directions to desired locations.  Users can specify their map delivery preference for print, text, email or simply scan the QR code to view the map on their phone.


hospital digital wayfinding systems



Emergency Preparedness

Communication at times of emergency is essential for the safety and health of all citizens. Bottomline, Navigo® digital signage streamlines operations for healthcare campuses to communicate with their staff and the public more efficiently and effectively.


digital emergency preparedness signage being displayed in hospital lobby



Visitor Management Systems

Streamline the registration process for visitors and vendors to control access to secured areas. Navigo® tailored solutions enables healthcare facilities to:

  • Use Navigo® cloud-based visitor badge issuance software to pre-register all visitor types i.e. visitors, patients, vendors, contractors, etc.

  • Integrate with Health Information Systems to auto pull specific visitor details to create a reservation prior to check-in.

  • Based on current security conditions, toggle Navigo® check-in systems to capture photos, capture digital signatures, reference and compare to watchlist(s), prior to approving and issuing badges.

  • Have access to on-demand reports available any time with your set criteria.

  • Access a single database for a centralized visitor access database.

Navigo® integrates with third party access control systems such as TAC I/NET, C-CURE, Genetec, AMAG, and many other security systems to allow access through turnstiles and elevators.


various use cases of digital visitor management systems for healthcare facilities and hospitals




Navigo® technology provides innovative solutions to improve real-time communications, on-site accessibility, and mobility for hospitals.


All Navigo® systems are ADA compliant with add-on hardware and features for Section 508 compliance as well.




Navigo® systems are customized for each Healthcare facility.

Find the right solution for your organization and its facility's needs.
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