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Standard or Custom Design/Build Enclosures

ITS, Inc. offers a full line of standard or custom display frames, enclosures and millwork to house your Navigo® System. Choose from a variety of sizes, finishes, and details to match your surrounding décor. ITS project managers and installation engineers work with you, your architect, and your designers to ensure a smooth integration.

ITS Enclosures for Navigo® Systems

Standard Designs

Custom Design/Builds

ADA Compliant

Variety of Finishes

Free-standing, Desk-mounted or Wall-mounted

ITS standard and custom design/build enclosures house all Navigo® components.  Free-standing enclosures can be mounted to the ground to ensure security and stability.  Desk-mounted enclosures are designed to sit within or atop desk/counter surfaces that are easily accessible. Wall-mounted enclosures are ideal when space is limited.

Enclosures may be designed for indoor use or equipped with weather resistant features & hardware for exterior use. 

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Finish Options to Match Your Décor

A variety of finishes and details are available for your enclosure. Brushed stainless steel, powder coated, painted, textured, laminate or veneer, and vinyl wrap are just some options available.

Detailing for lettering and/or logos add a branded touch to your enclosure. Choose from raised, vinyl, backlit, and engraved. 

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ITS, Inc. Works with You

All enclosures, designed and fabricated by ITS, Inc., include provisions for ADA, ventilation, security, maintenance accessibility, and aesthetic appeal.  
Let us review your concept and drawings and we’ll offer any recommendations for ADA compliance and Section 508 compliance (when applicable).


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ITS, Inc. offers self-installation and turn-key packages for both custom and design/build enclosures.  See our install process here:



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About Navigo® TransitAccess®

With Navigo® the sky’s the limit for what you can display and it’s the reason why we developed TransitAccess® Show real-time feeds on schedules for flights, trains, buses or ridesharing convenient to your site.

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