The Digital Signage Installation Gap: Why Many Vendors Don't Include It

The Digital Signage Gap

3 minute read |  Updated June 19, 2024

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Digital signage has become a powerful tool for businesses to engage with customers, employees, and visitors. While many digital signage companies offer comprehensive solutions, one aspect often left to the client is the installation process. Let's explore the reasons why most digital signage vendors do not include digital signage installation and which businesses benefit from a turn-key solution.


Businesses That Benefit from a Turn-key Solution

While some businesses have the resources and technical know-how to handle digital signage installation independently, many benefit from a turn-key solution that includes installation services. Here are some examples:

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  1. Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs)

    SMBs often lack the in-house technical expertise and resources to install digital signage effectively. Turn-key solutions are particularly valuable for smaller businesses looking for a hassle-free implementation process.

  2. Retailers

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    Retailers frequently deploy digital signage in their stores for advertising and promotional purposes. For retailers, having a turn-key solution that includes installation ensures that displays are professionally mounted, connected, and ready to use, creating an appealing shopping environment.

  3. Healthcare Facilities

    Hospitals and clinics use digital signage for patient information, wayfinding, and waiting room entertainment. These environments require precise installations to ensure that critical information is readily accessible to patients and visitors.

  4. Corporate Offices

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    Corporate offices often employ digital signage for internal communications, corporate branding, and meeting room scheduling. Turn-key solutions are beneficial for businesses that want a seamless installation process without disrupting their daily operations.

  5. Restaurants and Hospitality

    Restaurants, hotels, and hospitality businesses use digital signage for menu displays, guest information, and entertainment. Turn-key solutions are ideal for ensuring that these displays are set up correctly and can withstand the demands of the hospitality industry.

  6. Educational Institutions

    outdoor digital signage

    Schools and universities leverage digital signage for campus communication, event promotion, and wayfinding. Turn-key solutions help educational institutions deploy digital signage efficiently, especially during busy academic schedules.

  7. Outdoor and Public Spaces

    Installing digital signage in outdoor and public spaces presents unique challenges, such as weatherproofing and durability. Turnkey solutions with professional installation ensure that outdoor displays are rugged and functional.


The Key Takeaway

While many digital signage companies focus on providing innovative hardware, software, and content creation, the installation process is often left to specialized professionals. This division of labor allows businesses to benefit from the expertise of trained installers while ensuring proper setup, safety, and functionality. Businesses, particularly SMBs and those with complex installation requirements, stand to gain the most from turnkey solutions that include digital signage installation services. By partnering with experts, businesses can maximize the impact of their digital signage investments and create compelling, engaging experiences for their target audiences.



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