7 Reasons Office Buildings Should Consider a Digital Building Directory

Still on the fence? Here are 7 more reasons to consider a digital building directory for your office. 


  1. Enhanced User Experience: A digital building directory revolutionizes the user experience by providing a dynamic and interactive interface. It allows visitors and tenants to easily navigate the building, find offices, and access relevant information through a user-friendly digital platform.

  2. Real-Time Updates: With a digital building directory, updates and changes can be made in real time. Whether it's tenant information, floor plans, or upcoming events, the directory can be instantly updated to reflect the most current and accurate information, eliminating the need for manual updates and ensuring users have access to the latest details.

  3. Centralized Information Hub: A digital building directory serves as a centralized hub for all building-related information. It can provide details on tenant directories, amenities, services, parking information, and building policies, offering a comprehensive resource for occupants and visitors.

  4. Improved Efficiency: A digital building directory streamlines the wayfinding process, saving time and reducing confusion. Users can quickly search for specific offices or services, access maps, and receive directions, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity within the building.

  5. Branding Opportunities: A digital building directory offers branding opportunities for both the building owner and tenants. It can incorporate customized logos, color schemes, and visuals that align with the building's identity, enhancing brand recognition and creating a professional image.

  6. Advertising and Revenue Generation: Digital building directories provide opportunities for advertising and revenue generation. Building owners can collaborate with tenants or external businesses to display advertisements, promotions, or sponsored content, creating additional revenue streams while offering targeted advertising opportunities within the building.

  7. Sustainability and Cost Savings: By implementing a digital building directory, the need for printed directories and signage is eliminated, reducing paper waste and associated printing costs. Additionally, the digital format allows for energy-efficient LED displays, further contributing to sustainability efforts and reducing ongoing operational expenses.


A digital building directory offers numerous advantages for multi-tenant office buildings.

It enhances user experience, provides real-time updates, serves as a centralized information hub, improves efficiency, offers branding opportunities, enables advertising and revenue generation, and contributes to sustainability and cost savings. Embracing a digital building directory ensures a modern, efficient, and user-centric experience for occupants and visitors while reinforcing the building's identity.


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