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Building owners and managers recognize that the transportation options accessible to their property increase the value of their location in the competitive real estate market.  As populations grow and new shared-mobility options are becoming available, people are looking for alternative ways to commute more efficiently and cost-effectively.  Meet TransitAccess®, your real-time transit digital signage solution.


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TransitAccess® provides localized transportation data to turn any digital building directory, signage or screen into a transit screen. TransitAccess® is powered by Navigo® software to display interactive transit and mobility content in real-time. TransitAccess® provides touch-responsive access to transit networks to get commuters on the right track with up to the minute location-based transportation data.


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TransitAccess® makes access to transit information interactive.  TransitAccess® provides all the key elements of how your transit screen should perform to make your system the transit authority for your property.



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Here are guidelines for the anatomy of an ideal transit screen and the options to include if and where they are available for your property.


#1 Provide Every Optiontransitt screen real time transit arrivals, schedules and service alerts with TransitAccess



Your transit screen should display all the options available for commuters to access. TransitAccess® aggregates available data and service alerts, from all the transit agencies providing service in proximity to your location, eliminating the need to exclude any options to minimize data usage, as with a mobile transit app.


#2 Include Flight Access TransitAccess Flight Times for Transit Screens



Highlight flight delays for business travelers on transit screens to add to the convenience of planning ahead, saving time and money. TransitAccess® enables you to schedule content during the most important parts of the day and automatically show critical updates in the event of changing traffic conditions or weather-related flight schedule changes.


#3  Customize Area Maps Transit Screen with transit options and interactive wayfinding map

Highlight the benefits and features of your property and the surrounding area with custom maps that showcase them to your tenants and visitors. Your transportation display screen should highlight unique points of interest to visitors such as:

•  Transit pickup zones

•  Car charging stations

•  Live traffic conditions

•  Transit arrival times

•  Flight delays at the nearest airport



#4  Dedicate or Integrate

building directory integration



Your transit screen can be a dedicated screen in your lobby or integrated within your building directory system if it built with interactive digital signage.  With Navigo® Digital Building Directory software, TransitAccess® expands into a scalable transit screen with features that include content scheduling, welcome messages, alert display, emergency messaging and more.

As always with our Navigo® software solution, you’re in control of how your transit screen performs and appears to your tenants and visitors.





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