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Building Checkin System with Instant-Read Temperature Check and Real-time NavigoAlerts™

ITS, Inc. offers touchless check-in processing for building entry and facility access with infrared temperature scanning.  Infrared thermal scanning is an add-on feature of the Navigo® Digital Signage and Navigo Visitor Check-in Kiosk System.

Navigo® visitor processing systems are placed at main entry points of buildings and capture temperatures of anyone entering the building.  As a person checks in to the Navigo® system, their temperature & photo is instantly captured and saved to NavigoCloud.com.

Building management determines the temperature threshold for access approval and if a temperature scanned is elevated past that threshold, an email / text is sent to Property Management and or Security personnel. Real-time NavigoAlerts™ allow building staff to react instantly to maintain the health & safety protocols for their property.

During non-covid season(s), temperature scans may not be necessary. NavigoAlerts™ settings allow organizations to disable alerts.

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