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Navigo Visitor Badging & Check-In Systems

The Simplified Visitor Management Process

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Ditch the handwritten paper logs and simplify check-in with Navigo

  • Simple web platform to pre-register visitors, run reports and view real-time dashboards
  • Customizable welcome screen for self-service and guard administered check-in & badging stations
  • Easy integration with turnstiles for access control
  • Text/email alerts to employees when guest arrives

Scan IDs and/or passports
Capture photos
Capture signatures
Print temporary badges (self expiring badges available)

Simplify the check-in process for your daily visitors, contractors and vendors.

Corporate/Commercial Office Buildings

  • Digitized visitor log book – more efficient than hand written logs
  • Specify between daily visitors, contractors and approved vendors
  • Watchlist verification to ensure disgruntled employees and other unauthorized personnel are not processed
  • Text/email alerts to employees when guest arrives
  • Single sign-on integration for employees to pre-register visitors
  • ID Scan
  • Photo capture
  • Signature capture
  • Self check-in and guard administered
  • Integration with security system for turnstile/elevator controlled access

Schools: Daycares, Elementary/Middle/Highschool, Educational campuses

  • Pre-authorize parents, legal guardians and emergency contacts through simple web interface
  • Manageable credentials of authorized personnel with full history of on-campus activity
  • Set schedule of authorized pick-up and drop-off for each student
  • Watchlist verification to ensure non-custodial parents or persons are not processed
  • Self registration for special events allowing invited guests to pre-register prior to arrival
  • Real-time tracking to know who is in the building at any time

Hospitals/Healthcare Facilities

  • Handle a variety of visitors from patient visitors, contractors, vendors and daily admin visitors
  • Patients can pre-register authorized visitors
  • Or have patients add unwanted visitors to Watchlist
  • Text/email alerts to patients when a visitor arrives
  • ID Scan
  • Photo capture
  • Signature capture

Navigo’s Visitor Management System enhances the efficiency and speed of all visitor badging and processing.

  • A single master database allows for a centralized visitor/tenant-access/directory database
  • Seamless integration with third party security systems such as TAC I/NET, C-CURE, Genetec Security Center, AMAG & many other security systems to allow access through turnstiles and elevator entry
  • Instant reports available from your customized parameters

Navigo Visitor Badging & Check-In Systems are installed nationwide. Contact us to find a location near you.