Visitor Management Systems with QR Code Security Access
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Credential Visitors with Navigo® Visitor Management Solutions and QR Pass Registration Systems.

Navigo® Visitor Management System (VMS) is a touchless visitor processing and security solution for buildings that enables properties to design a visitor experience based on your security and compliance requirements. With Navigo®, you can tailor visitor check-in procedures to register and authorize access to guests by visit type or tenant specifications.


Navigo® Visitor Management:

­­•  Manages the entire visitor journey 

•  Integrates with 3rd party access controls and security systems

•  Provides real-time notifications and reporting

•  Provides expiring QR code passes 


Navigo® VMS streamlines visitor sign-in and protects your people.  You have the power to create, track, revoke, edit and expire a visitor’s access to your facilities.  Navigo®’s interactive technology tells people you’re forward-thinking and adaptive and creates a first impression that shows your business is safe and efficient.


Navigo® Visitor Management is composed of 2 components:


  1. Online management console at
  2. System hardware



• Authorized users can pre-register visitors and register unscheduled visitors


Navigo® makes checkin and tracking visitors on any-sized property with any amount of visitor traffic, a simple, smart, contactless and secure management system.


Navigo® online management console allows administrators, or authorized tenants/employees, to get a complete picture of who is on site with real-time visitor and employee movements at your fingertips.


VMS administrators can Access to:


•  Pre-register visitors

•  Establish a specified window of time for visitor arrival and departure

•  Authorize no-contact self check-in at visitor kiosks

•  Require guard-administered or escorted check-in

•  Print ID badges

•  Issue passes for facility access by print, text or email


Visitor preregistration includes the option for express direct access by providing a guest with credentials to access turnstiles, elevators and secured entrances via email invitation.

 qr code quick response code for visitor digital access pass


Navigo® QR Code Digital Visitor Passes by Check-in Type


Direct Access Check-in  QR code digital visitor checkin pass

A QR code is autogenerated and activated for usage as a virtual key, to access locked entrances, or as a digital pass for elevators and turnstiles, and set for use on the specific day and window of time of the preregistered visit. The QR code is automatically sent in the confirmation email to the preregistered visitor with appointment details and instructions for their visit.  The visitor may print the QR code or access the image on their mobile device to swipe for direct access or entry to secured areas upon arrival. This provides the visitor with simple ‘direct access’ where no security check-in or escort is required to oversee their arrival or departure.

Once the QR code pass is scanned at check in, a text (or email) notification is sent to their host.


Arrival Check-in  Digital QR code visitor checkin pass systems

With ‘arrival check-in’, the visitor reports to the reception or security desk and presents their US government-issued ID to be scanned.  The ID is scanned for preregistration against the authorized visitors list and a QR code is activated instantly, then automatically printed, emailed or texted to the visitor based on selected system settings.

Simultaneously, when a QR code is activated at the ‘arrival check-in’, a notification is sent to their host.


Non-Registered Check-in

Where non-registered visitors are permitted, Navigo® VMS can be scaled to require check-in at a touch screen check-in kiosk or at the lobby reception desk for logging and processing based on predetermined security and compliance requirements.


Kiosk Self Check-in

Non-registered visitors will be required to scan the barcode of their US government-issued ID card using the system’s scanner.  Navigo® captures their name then prompts the visitor to select the tenant by organization or individual’s name that they are visiting. Visitors are also be prompted to enter their mobile phone number or email address.  Once entry of this data is received, a QR code pass is delivered to the visitor to proceed through the secured entry point or activate turnstiles or elevators. When the QR code is sent, a notification is delivered to the visitor’s host to announce arrival.


Guard Check-in

For guard-assisted visitor processing, visitors are required to present their US government-issued ID card to security personnel to log the visit information in the guard tablet.  Security personnel may either collect visitors’ mobile number or email address to send QR code pass or, if equipped with a badge printer, may print the QR code pass on demand.  Once the QR code is sent or printed, a notification is delivered to the visitor’s host to announce their arrival.


QR codes offer scalable security settings, which include: An activation window for pre-set window extending before and after the appointment time to accommodate for early and/or late arrivals. Single-use authorization option for a specified period of time and re-entry access to eliminate reuse of same QR code by an unauthorized visitor. Multi-day pass for contractors or other multi-day appointments.


Navigo® offers real-time occupancy reporting ensuring all visitors are accounted for during evacuations or times of high alert.  By utilizing Navigo®’s check-out function, management further ensures the safety of visitors and tenants.


As visitors leave the building, they will be instructed to check-out using any of the following methods:


  1. Scan QR code expires exiting the turnstile (if turnstiles are equipped with reader on exit side).  Navigo® records date & time stamp of check-out and sends API call to 3rd party security system to expire credentials immediately.
  2. Tenant host or security personnel manually expires the credentials on  When this method is selected, the date & time stamp is recorded and sends API call to 3rd party security system to immediately expire credentials.
  3. Daily check-out. By enabling this feature, Navigo® will auto check-out all visitors at a pre-set time daily who are shown as checked-in.


NOTE:  Navigo® records all date and time stamps of QR code issuing and scanning for visitor host notifications as well as reporting. Reporting can be accessed and managed by authorized user at Navigo®