Our Custom On-Site Attention to Your Building Directory and Digital Signage System

Our Process

Our Custom On-Site Attention Makes It Easier For You

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By visiting our website you have just completed the first step in our process to learn more about Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. and the Navigo® Suite of Solutions for Building Directories and Digital Signage. The next steps are just as easy.

  1. Identify your needs. Let us help you identify your needs. Do you need an easy to use and easy to update directory system for your property? Do you want to better communicate to your captive audience by strategically placing large format display LED screen throughout your facility? Do you need a solution that works with your existing security system to better identify and badge visitors to your building? Call us today at 1-800-652-4830 and we’ll help you identify your needs.
  2. See Navigo® . Next you will want to see a demonstration of Navigo® . Once we have helped you to identify your needs, let us demonstrate the Navigo product that may work for you. It’s easy – simply log-on for a quick web demo or we can visit your site for a full demonstration. If you would rather see Navigo® in action, you can visit a Navigo® installation near you.
  3. Propose a Solution. If there’s a Navigo® solution for you, then let us propose that solution which details the customization, style, timeline and price.

To discuss how Navigo® may be configured for your environment, schedule a demo or to receive additional information, contact us today.

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