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Real-Time Transportation Options At-a-Glance with TransitAccess™


Natalie Bobila
Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc.
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DATE: May 1, 2018
RELEASE #: ITS0501-18

Navigo® Digital Signage Systems Offer Real-Time Transportation Options At-a-Glance with New Add-On Feature, TransitAccess™

Crofton, MD: Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. continually innovates to provide even more options for the digital signage experience.  With the increasing use of public transportation, ITS’ Navigo systems aggregates and displays the real-time status and schedules for surrounding transportation options.  At a glance, users can view the arrival times of trains and buses, know the exact availability of the closest carshare and bikeshare stations, see the count of rideshare cars in the area and also see a live traffic map with current driving times to outward points.

Knowing the options and current conditions allows commuters to plan accordingly and avoid the stresses that come with travel. TransitAccessTM makes it easy to compare travel options based on availability.

The main advantage of TransitAccessTM is that it can be customized to highlight certain transportation options and may also be scheduled to display at all times or during high-commute times only. It also exposes travelers to modes of transportation that they may not have previously considered.

Navigo’s TransitAccessTM add-on feature is available in touchscreen and non-touchscreen systems or any existing customer screen. Navigo breaks away from the competition with its touchscreen version, which is a powerful interactive tool that shows route maps and provides more extensive information regarding future schedules and status updates.

This add-on module is more effective than other systems because it integrates with Navigo’s digital directory product, which is already in place in high-traffic areas across the country, making it more beneficial to employees, visitors and tenants alike. Designed to support your building’s unique brand, this feature is not a basic directory – it was created to save time and boost accessibility for tenants and visitors.

ITS, Inc. is the developer of the Navigo® Suite of Products which includes customizable solutions for touch and non-touch screen directories, digital signage video walls, comprehensive wayfinding for desktop and mobile apps, visitor registration and badging, and resource scheduling for managing shared resources.  Navigo® is the premier visitor communication and management solution in most buildings today.

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