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Transit Screen Software, TransitAccess®, Goes Greener with Car Charging Stations

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Contact: Natalie Bobila, VP of Sales and Marketing

Date: Feb. 27, 2020


Transit Screen Software, TransitAccess™, Goes Greener with Car Charging Stations

Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, (ITS) Inc., releases the latest update to TransitAccess®, its digital signage software for transit screens, now including search features for electric vehicle charging stations by EV station type to its interactive maps.

Car charging networks, including free and paid chargers, can now be transportation options searchable by several characteristics including payment options and price per kWh of electricity. The car charging station locator feature also includes wayfinding directions to these places of interest for touch screen digital signs and kiosks. Whether drivers own a popular electric car like the Nissan LEAF, Chevy Bolt, Tesla Model or other hybrid or EV, TransitAccess® can direct them to nearby charging stations to charge their vehicles.

TransitAccess® transit screen software visualizes transit data driven by GPS location and formats the information for display to turn any digital screen into a transit screen. TransitAccess® transit options software can provide all the mobility options accessible to a location, such as a courthouse, hospital or sporting event venue, including public transportation schedules and shared-mobility options like scootershare, bikeshare and carshare services.  This add-on software allows its users to make sustainable decisions either at a glance or by an emerging interactive trip planning experience.

TransitAccess® is providing commuters everywhere with real-time mobility options, schedule changes, traffic maps, stops, pickup zones, arrival times, drive times. The software turns any screen or digital display into a transit screen for public and corporate gathering places including office lobbies, public venues and mixed-use residential properties.

Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. has provided software solutions for digital building directories and visual communications systems for over 20 years and continues to evolve as a leader in facility communication solutions. For more information on TransitAccess® contact the Navigo® experts at Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. by calling 800-652-4830 or visiting ITS on the web at