Navigo® Systems Offer Section 508 Compliance Features for NIH Campus

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Natalie Bobila
Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc.
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DATE: December 29, 2015

Navigo® Systems Offer Section 508 Compliance Features and Wayfinding for Multi Building NIH Campus

CROFTON, MD: Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. recently created a customized system that met the needs of the visually impaired at the National Institute of Health campus.

ITS, Inc. responded to client needs for a directory system that would help employees and visitors navigate the vast campus in Bethesda, Maryland.

The customized 42” touchscreen directory at NIH Building 31 allows users to view the campus shuttle information. The freestanding Montgomery enclosure features a proximity sensor and Braille keyboard, allowing visually impaired users access the information from the directory. When a user approaches the kiosk, the Navigo system uses an audio greeting and speech to play back the options and the selections for the user.

“This system was unique in that they wanted to share the shuttle information – live,” said Natalie Bobila, vice president of sales and marketing. “We offer that feature with any of our systems, but with a text to speech enhanced system, it required the skills of our product development director.”

Creating the text to speech capability using the real-time website feed, the features that help make the Navigo System Section 508 Compliant, ITS, Inc.’s Mike Allen, director of product development, created specific coding that would help the Navigo System to only read pertinent information from the websites and filter out information that is not relevant to the kiosk information displayed.

Additional software features assisting in the Section 508 Compliancy are the Zoom feature, which allows users to magnify a portion of the touchscreen for easier viewing and the Extended Timer, which allows for a longer period of display time for the system will automatically time out to the main screens and animation.

Additional Navigo Systems are installed on the NIH campus. Four 32” touchscreen directories with wayfinding are housed within the NIH Porter Neuroscience Research Center. Each system helps employees and visitors navigate the building which just added a new wing. Navigo pulls updated construction and office relocation information from the facility’s active directory database.

When an employee or visitor makes a selection for which department or individual they would like to meet, the Navigo System will provide and animated path to the destination. The Navigo System also features DirectDial™ which allows the user to reach their contact by speakerphone connection.

“We ensure our clients get the most of their Navigo system through targeted features that best suit their needs,” Bobila said. “Once our team discusses the facility’s needs and our features, we create the perfect matching software.”
The Gateway Visitors Center, Natcher Building and Nuclear Medicine Building are all NIH campus buildings in the process of purchasing additional Navigo Systems for shuttle display and wayfinding.

“The customization of Navigo is what sets us apart from the competition,” said Natalie Bobila, ITS vice president sales and marketing. “We are not an off the shelf digital solution. We help evaluate your needs, present the solution that meets those needs and exceeds the expectations you have of digital signage.”

Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. provides touchscreen directories and digital signage for Corporate Buildings, Hospitals, Government & Private Facilities, Universities, Museums and other Public Buildings. Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. product line, Navigo, includes solutions for Wayfinding, Digital Signage and Visitor Badging/Processing.

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