Navigo® Adds Dynamic Appeal to Retail

  • “ I am very pleased with the equipment, service and support. ”

    Kevin Carter, Carter Commercial Group

  • “ We have had our touchscreen service for four years, and I only wish all of my suppliers were as reliable, efficient and friendly as the staff at ITS, Inc. We rarely have problems with our directories but when we do, I know that the knowledgeable, get-it-done team on site and at headquarters will get it resolved in no time. I think the best thing that can be said of a supplier is that they make your job easier and more pleasant. ITS,Inc. does just that. ”

    Richard Falk, Kew Management, Inc.

  • “ We recently upgraded our building lobbies and chose Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. as supplier of our new digital signage directories. ITS, Inc. guided us creatively, consistently delivered quality customized workmanship and has always been available to answer questions and concerns. We wholeheartedly recommend ITS, Inc. to any entity interested in innovative digital signage. ”

    Margo Bendery, DTZ

  • “ The ITS, Inc. team is the best! Not only do they offer a great product, but they provide excellent customer service. We highly recommend them. ”

    Shantel DeShazier, Onyx Property Management, LLC

  • “ Our building’s main lobby directory runs very smoothly with the Navigo system. But, when we need help with a particular promotion, ITS, Inc. never lets us down! ”

    Vincent Heise, Hicks Ventures

  • “ We are pleased to be able to use our Navigo system as a directory as well as a scrolling display, providing building information to our tenants and guests. The Interactive Touchscreen Solutions team is easily accessible and very helpful when we are in need of customer support. ”

    Santana Wilcox, Parkway Realty Services

  • “ Our facility required a highly customized system. ITS was able to accommodate our many requirements to deliver a truly outstanding system. ”

    Jeff White, CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System

  • “ We have been working with ITS for several years and their customer service has been outstanding! ”

    Monique Brice, Transwestern

  • “ I’ve had a Navigo touchscreen installed for about a year now. The system has been great but the customer service and technical support at Interactive Touchscreen Solutions is even better! ”

    Jason May, Saul Centers, Inc.


Natalie Bobila
Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc.
410-451-1540 x316

DATE: February 21, 2016

Navigo® Adds Dynamic Appeal to Retail

CROFTON, MD: Retail managers gain a new tool in maintaining shopper appeal by adding Navigo’s dynamic digital signage in areas across the country.

Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. installed additional retail signage systems in Michigan, Florida and Georgia. The newest systems join the growing portfolio with other retail installations in Maryland, Washington DC, Canada. The Navigo systems assist shoppers in facility navigation, community or facility events and retailer promotions.

“Retailers and retail facility managers nationwide are very aware of the importance technology plays in bringing shoppers through the door,” said Natalie Bobila, vice present of sales and marketing. “The Navigo systems offer the shoppers a user-friendly medium that engages them through the interactive signage that also connects to their mobile devises, to make the most of their experience.”

Through the customized menu selections, users can view maps and promotions, Bobila said. With a swipe of the screen, users gain specific additional information instantly. They can then send the specified information to their mobile devises to be used in getting the most direct route store they want and for use in the store to see sales promotions and offers, she added.

The independent retailers win as well. Navigo systems can be customized to gather consumer data enabling the retailers to make targeted campaigns to shoppers. Retail managers review the Navigo reports to understand who and how the system is being used.

“We’re in a technology age where everyone expects to target their needs in an instant,” Bobila said. “We make it possible with Navigo’s interactive solutions.”

Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. provides touchscreen directories and digital signage for Retail, Corporate Buildings, Hospitals, Government & Private Facilities, Universities, Museums and other Public Buildings. Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. product line, Navigo, includes solutions for Wayfinding, Digital Signage and Visitor Badging/Processing.

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