ITS Helps WMATA to Improve Their Secured Data Centers - Digital Signage, Building Directories, Visitor Management Systems and Self-Service Kiosks powered by Navigo® to provide buildings with centralized communications, virtual reception, visitor processing, contact tracing, temperature screening, access tracking, meeting room and elevator signage.

ITS Helps WMATA to Improve Their Secured Data Centers


Natalie Bobila
Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc.
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DATE: October 3, 2016

Interactive Touchscreen Solutions Helps WMATA to Improve Their Secured Data Centers

CROFTON, MD: Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc., the leading developer of visitor and employee communication & management systems, is proud to partner with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority to implement systems for their internal Data Centers: a custom-engineered badging system and a system of automated reporting. With the addition of ITS’s Navigo®, the process of verifying personnel credentials is now fully automated allowing Transit Authority personnel to quickly and conveniently check in at the start of their day. It is also a way for the Transit Authority itself to keep its Data Centers secure; the badging process ensuring only authorized personnel or their verified guests are allowed access to the Data Centers.

After their credentials are verified, employees can then acquire the proper equipment such as keys and a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. It is on the Surface Pro 4 that ITS tailor-made report comes into play, letting employees easily access and fill out a report to be completed during their routine walkthrough inspections. If an issue is found during an inspection, an employee can flag and submit a request for support in the moment with the help of Navigo. Once completed, the data is automatically stored so Transit Authority management can later view and download it, affording an accurate, detailed, and consistent daily tally and status of equipment.

Working in harmony with the existing Data Centers, the new badging and automated reporting systems provided by ITS help to maintain the verifications and equipment that are vital for the Transit Authority to provide safe, secure, and efficient service to its customers.

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