Commuters Hail TransitAccess™ for Touch Screen Access to Local Transportation - Digital Signage, Building Directories, Visitor Management Systems and Self-Service Kiosks powered by Navigo® to provide buildings with centralized communications, virtual reception, visitor processing, contact tracing, temperature screening, access tracking, meeting room and elevator signage.

Commuters Hail TransitAccess™ for Touch Screen Access to Local Transportation

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Contact: Natalie Bobila

Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc.


Date: November 1, 2019

Commuters Hail TransitAccess™ for Access to Local Transportation

Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, (ITS,) Inc., developer of Navigo® facility communication systems and software, has added local transportation data to their suite of robust content display solutions for on-screen users to access on-demand.   Navigo® TransitAccess™ is a touch-sourced, screen-based application that visualizes all transportation options available in real-time, and within close-proximity, onto interactive display screens, such as digital building directory signage and visitor kiosks, for self-service access.

ITS, Inc., developed TransitAccess™ to improve mobility for its users and enable building owners and managers to leverage their Navigo® digital signage platform to extend their offerings to tenants and visitors with scalable digital facilities. TransitAccess™ serves as both a benefit to commuters and a courtesy building service for tenants, prospects and visitors to their property.

TransitAccess™ can be found in major cities across the U.S. on various properties types that service the public as well as commercial real estate managers. In Northern California, an office property located at 353 Sacramento displays TransitAccess™ on their large format display Navigo® video wall. The video wall serves as a dynamic information center that is both reactive to touch and the rotation of pre-planned communication display. In downtown New York City, a property located at One Grand Central provides visitors with access to TransitAccess™ options which integrates with its digital interactive directory which also features direct-dial from a touch screen interface. The Summit, a 3-building office complex in Bellevue, Washington, displays local transit options with TransitAccess™ for its tenants and visitors along side an interactive array of information including a company directory with tenant websites and profiles, local amenities, building information and property management information on site.

Navigo® building directories, active signage systems, video walls and interactive kiosks provide on-demand information to millions of people every week in commercial spaces, public and corporate buildings, hospitals, schools and academic campuses across North America in the US and Canada. TransitAccess™ transit data integrates with communications that Navigo® users rely on to deliver and access important information on-demand and on the go.

TransitAccess™ enables commuters to easily locate information on the trains, buses, shared-mobility services, like carshare bikeshare, with wayfinding directions to transportation-related services including electric car charging stations and designated pick-up zones for taxis and rideshare. TransitAccess™ integrates with Navigo® wayfinding, interactive floorplans, local amenities and live traffic maps.

For more information on Navigo® TransitAccess™ transit screen solutions, get in touch with Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. at 800-652-4830 or visit our website at