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Navigo® SafeSchool™ Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Solutions for Schools and Campuses | ITS, Inc.

visitor management solutions for k-12 school buildings and college university campuses

Navigo® SafeSchool™ is a Visitor Management System (VMS) designed for schools in order to provide a greater emphasis on student safety, visitor authorization and distinction from faculty and staff.

This visitor management solution enables you to screen visitors, print badges, send notifications and conduct emergency attendance on demand.  Navigo® SafeSchool™ provides peace of mind about who has access to your students and staff.


Navigo® SafeSchool™ Visitor Management System Features and Benefits:



Badging and Badge Printing

Our visitor management system for schools and campuses verifies and badges visitors that are granted access to your building and grounds.  It enables administrators to identify, distinguish and track visitors such as parents and caretakers, substitute staff, volunteers and vendors from students, staff and authorize access within your facility.


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Paperless Visitor Identification and Visitor Registration Logs

With Navigo® SafeSchool™, you can quickly and efficiently log all visitors that enter the school property with rapid check-in for specific and frequent visitor types such as Substitute Staff, Volunteers, Guardians, Caregivers, etc.  Navigo® SafeSchool™ scans US state issued IDs, stores date and time stamp of check-in and stores all information for reporting.

You’ll be able to quickly issue badges to authorized visitors at check-in.  Visitor badge layouts may be specific to visitor type helping security and staff to easily identify badge types.  Badges may include photos, destination and duration of visit readily visible.  One-day self-expiring badges are also available to avoid misuse or reuse of badges.


Critical Access Management

Easily store and manage lists of authorized and unauthorized persons and personnel with unlimited sub-categories for easy reference, review and reporting.  Sub-categories for authorized lists are designed to distinguish visitors who are ‘Approved’ for student pick-up, vendors and contractors, volunteers, etc.  Sub-categories for the unauthorized lists may include non-custodial parents, named persons on a protective order, disgruntled former employees registered sex offenders and drug dealers, expelled students, etc.



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Scheduling Credentials

You’re able to enter and store the known pick up schedule for students and store official documentation that states custody schedule to ensure it matches the pick-up schedule.


Compliance Enforcement

You’ll be able to capture and store an electronic signature during check-in with a customizable visitor and or privacy policy notification of acknowledgement requirement to ensure all visitors are aware of your student and staff privacy policies.



Visitor Pre-Registration

Navigo® SafeSchool™ self-registration allows you to create an invitation to pre-register for an event, such as a school recital, graduation or PTA meeting.  An invitation link is auto-generated and sent to authorized parents & guardians.  The invitation link allows parents to self-register themselves and guests who will attending the event.  System administrators can pre-print visitor badges to save time and be assured that only authorized guests are in attendance.


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Navigo® SafeSchool™ visitor management solutions are catered specifically ​for all schools from K-12 to complex campuses for higher education .  Whether you need a solution to securely match children with their caretakers or a system that integrates with your facility’s access controls, Navigo® provides reliable scalability and functionality with end-to-end solutions.


Speak with the design experts at ITS to learn more about integrating and installing a custom VMS system in your facility.

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