Transit Access by Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. for Transit Schedule Info
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Navigo® TransitAccess™

Provide Real-Time Transit Information at a Glance

Display real-time transportation schedules and live traffic maps with Navigo® ‘s TransitAccess™

Turn your Navigo® System or any digital screen into a transit screen that displays the real time schedule of trains and buses near you.

Navigo® TransitAccess™  is a simple add-on that allows you to pick the stops, stations and transit options you want displayed.  With customization for each widget, TransitAccess™ can be designed to fit your building’s brand.

Navigo® is not just a directory….with the add-on TransitAccess™ feature, you can keep your visitors informed of:

  • bus delays
  • current traffic driving times with live maps
  • rideshare cars in the area
  • bike & car share availability and locations

Using Navigo® TransitAccess™ on a touchscreen gives you even more flexibility! 

Interact with each transit widget to view a walking map, view the entire bus/train route, or hail a cab.

Turn your interactive directory screen into your building’s digital concierge.

Buildings use Navigo® to display building directory, news headlines, weather, events calendar, nearby amenities, building announcements and transit information.

You can also dedicate an entire screen just to display TransitAccess™.  As more and more cities adopt new regulations requiring properties to display the public transportation options available in the area, Navigo® TransitAccess™ helps organizations meet those requirements.

With Navigo® we simply plug in your address and pick a radius.  The public transportation options available within that radius are instantly shown.  Then comes the fun part…designing it to match your style.  Easily control text style, size and color ensuring information is instantly visible.  Set display time to permanent display or have it appear in a sequence of other messages.

As always with Navigo® , you’re in control.

Contact us today to turn your Navigo® System or any existing digital sign into a TransitAccess™ screen.