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Navigo® Emergency Mass Messaging

Emergency Notification Signage

Emergency Notification System for Mass Alerting on Digital Screens

Mass-Communications for Emergency Mass Alerting

Using digital screens for emergency messaging makes it fast, reliable and effective to relay potentially life-saving information during a critical event.

Digital screens attract our attention, have greater visibility and, with the use of images, is a platform for delivering information that is easier to comprehend than reading text or hearing information.

Digital screens placed strategically with the right messaging to aid people to safety is more effective than any other form of mass communication in an emergency.

Large format digital display systems are the most effective approach to mass messaging for corporate office parks, K-12 schools, multi-building campuses, academic facilities, hospitals, public centers such as malls and theaters and government institutions.


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With Navigo®, you’re able to quickly display mass messaging alerts and updates to changing emergency events such as:

•  Exposure of hazardous building conditions or dangerous substances

•  Natural forces such as derechos, fires, earthquakes, or other extreme weather

•  Active shooting or potential acts of terrorism

•  Compromised building access resulting from response to emergency such as police barricades or blockages from emergency service vehicles

•  Recovery notification of closure on the situation



Navigo® Digital Signage Content Management System (CMS)

Navigo® cloud-based content management system for your digital signage system enables you to quickly create and display messaging on your screens from anywhere you can connect to the web making your display system a viable emergency response tool as well as an effective communications system.


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Proactive Emergency Preparedness

Navigo® also enables you to create and save information in the cloud for display, such as emergency plans and safety instructions, to access for quick deployment when needed.  In the event of an emergency, a proactive approach to preparedness permits time to get people to respond to safety guidelines faster.

Navigo® provides the platform to ensure information that can potentially save people’s lives is timely and accessible.  A Navigo® digital signage system can display content that is informative and interactive in real-time including:

•  Emergency Notification

•  Exit strategies

•  Instructions on how to respond

•  Updates on responses

•  Local resource contact information


Non-Emergency Resources

emergency alerting and communications plan for facility managementThere’s more than 100 ways Navigo® can inform people every day.  Navigo® is also a great resource in non-emergency events of change and inconvenience such as when:

•  Power on a personal mobile device is lost

•  WIFI or cellular network connectivity is compromised

•  A personal mobile device is lost or stolen

•  Needing building information such as guest WIFI access

•  Needing directions or location information

•  Needing mobility information

•  Eliminating paper waste and clutter of printed information



Wayfinding for Emergency Exits

Develop Your Emergency Messaging Program

Every second counts when it comes to capturing attention on-screen – that’s why Our Navigo® experts will help you visualize the strategy for your needs and inform you of the choices to custom-design the best system for your facility’s needs.  Contact us for more information, today.


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