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Navigo Active Signage™ Systems

Bring your Signs to Life and Deliver your Message

Navigo’s digital signage & messaging solution captures your audience with limitless possibilities for effective communication.

Navigo Active Signage™ Systems break the boundaries of traditional, static signage.

  • Customized digital signage software to display important information regarding the facility, services, employees, general information, menu boards, donors, etc.
  • TransitAccess™ to display real time status and schedules of surrounding public transportation, ride share, car & bike share availability and live traffic maps
  • Scrolling Text or Ticker Information in real time
  • All information can be posted in multiple languages and dialects
  • Instantly update your system as advertisements are renewed, departments move, important announcements are released, new areas are constructed, events change, etc.

Navigo digital signage offers a wide variety of capabilities to effectively communicate to target audiences.

  • Directory Listings such as tenants and their respective building, floor, and suite locations
  • Live TV Broadcasts, which can be displayed for public viewing
  • Current Events or other timely information, such as announcements, classes, recognition, etc.

Navigo Active Signage Systems are installed nationwide. Contact us to find a location near you.