- Digital Signage, Building Directories, Visitor Management Systems and Self-Service Kiosks powered by Navigo® to provide buildings with centralized communications, virtual reception, visitor processing, contact tracing, temperature screening, access tracking, meeting room and elevator signage.
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Who We Are

We are the pioneers of interactive digital signage technology. Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. developed Navigo® a Suite of Solutions for the display and capture of information in real-time.

Navigo® is custom-designed to create the experience you want to continually inform and engage your audience.


Navigo® technology enables facilities, buildings and campuses of every vertical to improve property security, wayfinding, mobility and visitor and facilities management.


About Navigo®

Navigo® is a cloud-based solution that is scalable and integrates with existing data sources to effectively streamline communication.

We Bring Your Space to Life

We create the new standard for the user experience in built environments from self-service kiosks to video walls in corporate offices, cruise ships, hospitals, sports arenas you name it!


Navigo® evolves with your needs and the changing landscape of digital communications technology.

For 20 years, we have designed communications and visitor management systems– from the programming and design of information they display and capture— to the tailored enclosures they’re built within.

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