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Navigo®  Building Directory and Digital Signage Software + our guaranteed customer support services = continuous and successful visitor experience!

Along with our turnkey building directory and digital signage system support services, Navigo® offers the most comprehensive, trouble-free, wayfinding and digital signage solution.

Only Navigo® offers the level of operation, maintenance, and remote building directory and digital signage support capabilities that can ensure that your system performs flawlessly with no interruptions.

Site Survey

Allow us to survey your site so you can better understand your space. This no obligation site survey allows us to observe traffic flow, see your current building directory and digital signage set-up and verify existing and possible power & data runs. All of this information allows our experts to make recommendations for the best digital signage set up.

Project Management

To ensure that your Navigo System meets the requirements of your facility, ITS, Inc. will manage the project from the earliest planning stages, all the way through installation, training, and maintenance. Our project managers will begin by performing a complete facility survey to identify problems and to help define your unique system requirements. Ultimately, our recommendations may include directory/wayfinding solutions, visitor badging, Active Signage™ information display options, Internet systems, and proposed kiosk locations, among others.

Integration Support Services

Once system parameters are determined, we can then implement on-site system integration and training. To ensure continuous operation with minimum interruptions, Navigo is monitored by our unique AutoAlert™ remote monitoring system… 24/7!

On-Going Customer Support

Comprehensive Content Update and Maintenance Contracts are available, which guarantee that all information is always kept current and systems run properly.

Our in-house staff provides support services from start to finish to ensure your 100% customer satisfaction!


Call on the experts for assistance at 410-451-1540.  For After-Hours Support dial: 443-302-2615



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