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Navigo Mobile Wayfinding Maps

Customized Maps & Directions at Your Fingertips

Access to your campus’ Navigo® wayfinding maps from any device.

wayfinding app for the web

Your visitors can view Navigo® wayfinding maps from a web browser…from any device.  Turning any mobile phone into a handheld mobile wayfinding system.

  • Driving directions to and around the campus
  • Suggested parking areas and best building entrances for them to use
  • Floor plan maps
  • Step-by-step printable or downloadable directions to their final destinations

Use Navigo® to support your efforts in offering access to key facility information:

  • Provide control of access to authorized content
  • Share only information that is appropriate to the visitor
  • Instant updates with cloud-based content management

Navigo® Internet Wayfinding Maps are installed nationwide.  Contact us for an online demo or location near you.