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Contactless and Interactive Digital Touchscreen Solutions with Mobile Access

Customized Sign System Solutions Bring Signs to Life to Deliver Your Message

Navigo® touchless building directory systems & interactive digital signage solutions capture and display information to engage and inform your audience with limitless content possibilities for effective communication.  



Navigo®  Active Signage™ Systems break the boundaries of traditional, building directories and static office signage.


Turn any screen into your own custom digital sign solution and keep your target audience informed by designing and scheduling a variety of information:

•  Directory signage systems, news and announcements

•  Events and happenings around town

•  Live TV and on demand vetted content

•  Menu items, nutritional info and health tips

•  News headlines, weather, traffic conditions and social media feeds


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Navigo® is strategically placed throughout facilities to constantly communicate, engage, inform and entertain your audience creating a customized multimedia messaging solution just for your campus.


Instantly update your system as advertisements are renewed, departments move, important announcements are released, new areas are constructed, events change, etc.

•  Activate TransitAccess® to display real time status and schedules of local  public transportation, ride share, car & bike share availability and live traffic maps

•  Scrolling Text or Ticker Information in real time

•  All information can be posted in multiple languages and dialects


Navigo® customized sign system solutions offer a wide variety of capabilities to effectively communicate to target audiences:


•  Interactive Office Directory Listings for tenant information in real-time
•  Live TV Broadcasts, which can be displayed for public viewing
•  Current events or other timely information and announcements.


Navigo® Active Signage Systems are installed nationwide.
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