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Interactive Touchscreen Solutions & Directories

Navigo® Custom Digital Interactive Signage Solutions

Interactive Touchscreen Solutions

Interactive Touchscreen Solutions presents Navigo® cloudware solutions for interior and outdoor digital signage and video wall systems.  Navigo® technology brings your building signage to life on large interactive touch screen and traditional screen formats for professional and organizational directories and on-site wayfinding.  Go even further with Navigo® with it’s expansive capabilities for managing secured visitor registration to touch-screen tablet-sized signage for scheduling for conference rooms and other shared facilities.

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Navigo® Building Interactive Directory and Wayfinding Systems

interactive directory and signage

Discover how Navigo® brings your digital signage to life with real time content updates, dynamic content and data feeds for building directories, public retail centers and commercial real estate space. No matter the complexity of your building or campus environment, Navigo® suite is custom-built to provide the solution you visualize for your building, campus or facility.   

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Navigo® Visitor Management Systems

Navigo System: Visitor Pre-Registration & Check In

Improve the safety of your facility with Navigo® end-to-end visitor management system for a paperless solution to validate, ID, badge and track access for visitors entering your facility. Navigo® visitor management solutions enable you to simplify visitor and vendor registration, provide self-service and print badges on demand even for high-traffic, unsupervised lobbies and reception areas. Visitor management-enabled signage revolutionizes the visitor experience and integrates seamlessly with third party access control systems. The capabilities are scalable to meet the needs of any size property and organization. Enable your facilities to gain access and control over personnel access, critical facilities, location databases and more with integrations with any of our partners.

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Navigo® Resources Scheduler

Put an end to facilities scheduling headaches and keep meetings on track with Navigo® Resource Scheduler cloudware for conference room signage that allows you remote access to easily manage and update information to display the most current data on your facilities’ reservation schedules.  With Navigo®, users can make and update conference room reservations right from the signage on site or from your computer, phone or tablet. 

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