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How to Clean Digital Screens

In an effort to help our customers keep their people and properties safe, we’ve got some tips for you on sanitizing digital signage and touchscreen displays.


  • Use all-purpose cleaner or cleaner wipes that are antibacterial / antimicrobial with labeling that states it is safe to use on electronics.    


  • Lightly dampen a clean disposable towel with the solution to clean the screen surface.  For wipes, squeeze out excess cleaning solution before use.  Never spray the equipment directly.


  • You may elect to use a disinfectant that is known to kill bacteria and viruses such as Microban, Lysol, Clorox and Purell cleaning products.  Use a separate, disposable clean cloth to mist with the disinfectant to wipe the surface.  Remember not to spray equipment directly. 


Please take a proactive approach to further minimize the spread of germs and viruses where people gather and need to use their hands to use your facilities at your property.