Hospital Wayfinding App to Improve Visitor Experience | ITS, Inc.

Hospital Wayfinding App to Improve Visitor Experience | ITS. Inc.

Navigo Hospital Wayfinding

Improve the visitor and patient experience with Navigo® digital signage and wayfinding for health care facilities.


Hospital Digital Signage with Wayfinding


Navigo® digital signage and wayfinding software solutions improve the patient and visitor journey by providing on-demand wayfinding maps and information.


Navigo® Digital Signage Solutions for provide hospitals with a simple way to manage a signage system of large-format touch screens and LED displays all from the cloud to provide administrators ease of access with:


•  Content management in real time

•   Interactive directories for faculty, departments, resources and facilities

•   Push notifications, alerts, urgent messaging

•   Provide traffic conditions and local transit schedules with TransitAccess ™

Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc., provides end-to-end solutions– from consulting to installation and handles the software and hardware maintenance for all the electronic messaging centers networked in your signage system within your healthcare facility and campus. With Navigo® wayfinding technology, you’ll increase accessibility, decrease stress and significantly improve the visitor’s experience for your patients & visitors.



With Navigo® hospital wayfinding you’ll be able to:


•   Provide clear and concise directions to navigate your facility and campus

•   Offer directions and illustrations to guide your visitors and staff

•   Display 3-D area maps of the entire campus and buildings

•   Market products and services in waiting room areas

•   Provide a retail advertising platform to local vendors and venues


Navigo® wayfinding maps are available on ADA compliant kiosks, large scale LED screens placed in high traffic areas and mobile web browsers.


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In addition to wayfinding maps, use Navigo® to:


•  Display schedule of events, activities, and classes being offered on location

•  Highlight biographical information about each physician

•   Direct visitors to nearby restaurants, hotels, public transportation, etc.

•  Allow visitors to view your website pages directly from the kiosk

•  Control access to content with the LinksPatrol™ feature

•  Collect visitor feedback from your own multiple-choice survey questions


Each Navigo® digital signage system is unique for the facility’s needs and the clientele they serve.

Our digital experience & wayfinding specialists work with you to find the best solutions for your budget and your clientele. Our experts provide you with virtual and on-site demonstrations of our system features available for you and your team and perform a free site survey to ensure our proposed solutions work best for your facility.


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Access to your campus’ Navigo® wayfinding maps from any device.

Your visitors can view Navigo® wayfinding maps from any internet-accessible device, turning any mobile device into a handheld mapping system.


•  Driving directions to and around the campus

•  Suggested parking areas and best building entrances for them to use

•  Floor plan maps

•  Step-by-step directions to their final destinations


Use Navigo® to support your efforts in offering access to key facility information:

•  Provide controlled access to facility or institutional information

•  Specify appropriate information to be shared

•  Instantly update displays in real-time through Navigo® cloud


Navigo® Internet Wayfinding Maps are installed nationwide. 


Contact us to find a location near you.

Our clients work with their designated project design manager at Interactive Touchscreen Solutions to design the optimal Navigo® system for your facility.

We provide extensive support by phone, email and on-site visits as needed.  Navigo®  systems are tailored to your needs for functionality and design specifications.


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