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  • Can we update the information ourselves?

    Yes. Navigo comes with the ViewPoint™ Editors which allow you to update the data and wayfindi
  • Are the systems reliable?

    Yes. Hardware provided by Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. for use with Navigo are brand
  • How many kiosks or stations will I need?

    This is typically determined by traffic flow, not square footage. The most effective Navigo kio
  • Can Navigo be connected to our existing data resources?

    Yes. Navigo's open architecture allows for easy integration with existing data sources to routi
  • How does a Touchscreen work?

    A touchscreen works using three main components: a touch sensor, a controller, and a software d
  • What is Wayfinding?

    Wayfinding is an industry accepted term referring to the "process in which we direct visitors".
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