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Educational Facilities

Campus Communication & Emergency Alerts

exterior touchscreen digital directory display for retail, office, healthcare wayfinding and campus navigation.

Remain competitive by offering students, faculty and visitors the most up-to-date technology.

All Navigo digital signage is your touchscreen campus directory that also includes Emergency Mode allowing universities & colleges to communicate to the campus within seconds.

  • Organize communication during times of crisis from one central remote location
  • Improve university response efforts to emergencies
  • Provide constant communication of current information to entire student body, faculty, staff & visitors
  • Keep chaos at a minimum

In addition, Navigo dynamic digital signage provides campus wayfinding, event notices and on-going messages to the student body.

  • Navigo Systems may be installed virtually anywhere to provide an on-demand campus directory of faculty, staff and services.
  • Interior and exterior digital signage allows you to provide campus wayfinding in strategic locations
  • Every Navigo System is customized to fit the unique needs of each institution
  • Project Managers work with you to develop 3d maps and graphics to complement the accompanying information
  • Provide constant communication of current information to entire student body, faculty, staff & visitors
  • Help students and visitors navigate the campus through printable and downloadable maps
  • Faculty listings can be provided and searchable by name, department or building

Content is key, but it’s the experience they’ll remember.  Navigo digital signage provides important campus directory and campus wayfinding maps.  We also focus on how that information is displayed and accessed by users.  It should be easy to find and easy to read.  And it HAS to be cool to engage with to bring the entire digital experience together.

Gain peace of mind with Navigo’s Visitor Management System for your campus. 

Pre-register your welcomed visitors such as parents, guardians, approved pick up individuals and vendors.  Know who is authorized to be around your student body.

Navigo’s cloud-based Visitor Management System is the quick and secure way to manage the credentials of authorized visitors.  Used with Navigo’s check-in systems, visitors are verified, logged and issued a badge instantly.

Built-in features include:

  • Watchlist management with integration capability with 3rd party managed blacklists
  • Photo capture and store
  • ID scan to auto check against pre-registered list and Watchlist

Navigo digital signage is customized for each campus. Contact us to find the right solution for you.